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  1. Exclusive articles about Children How to raise emotionally intelligent kids We need to teach children about the importance of connection, heart and compassionate listening and put these things at the center of all our relationships, says author, educator and consultant Lael Stone. Posted Oct 2021

  2. children noun Definition of children plural of child 1 as in kids a young person who is between infancy and adulthood an imaginative animated film that appeals to adults as well as to children Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance kids youths teenagers youngsters juveniles adolescents cubs babies chicks teens kiddies kiddos infants toddlers moppets

  3. 1. a person between birth and full growth; a young boy or girl. 2. a son or daughter. 3. a baby or infant. 4. a human fetus. 5. a person who behaves in a childish manner. 6. a descendant. 7. any person or thing regarded as the product of particular circumstances or influences: children of poverty. 8. Archaic. childe.

  4. How to use children in a sentence. Not only are they teaching their children survival skills—they’re passing on their culture. Ever since 1979, the year when Beijing implemented the one-child policy, the state has dictated the number of children families can have according to China’s economic needs at different times.

  5. 1 a : a young person especially between infancy and puberty a play for both children and adults b : a person not yet of the age of majority (see majority sense 2a) Under the law she is still a child. c : a childlike or childish person He is a child in most business matters. 2 a : a son or daughter of human parents Do you have any children? b

  6. See definition of children on as in descendant as in family as in flesh and blood as in menage as in posterity as in progeny synonyms for children Compare Synonyms heir offspring scion brood child get issue kin offshoot posterity product progeny seed spin-off chip off old block progeniture antonyms for children MOST RELEVANT cause

  7. Children Photos, Download Free Children Stock Photos & HD Images. children playing kids family kids playing child school children learning baby toys young toy hands kindergarten smile childrens children play.

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