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  1. 12 Best Clean Up Songs For Kids, With Lyrics › articles › clean-up-songs-for

    1 day ago · 6. Clean Up is Fun – Children’s Cleaning Song by The Learning Station (Chorus) Clean up is fun when we clean and sing this song. So come on and clean together and sing along. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la So, come on and clean together and sing along. (Verse) Put the blocks up on the shelf, put the trucks away. Everything has a ...

  2. Steve Green (singer) - Wikipedia › wiki › Steve_Green_(singer)

    14 hours ago · Steve Green (born August 1, 1956) is an American Christian music singer, notable for his tenor vocal range and flexible solo style. Over his 35-year career, Green has been honored as a four-time Grammy Award nominee, seven-time Dove Award winner and was inducted in to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2017.

  3. Linda Thompson (actress) - Wikipedia › wiki › Linda_Thompson_(actress)

    1 day ago · Thompson and Foster received the 2003 Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for "Aren't They All Our Children" for "The Concert for World Children's Day", which aired November 14, 2002. Author. A Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis's Graceland to Bruce Jenner's Caitlyn & Songs in Between Hardcover – May 3, 2016 Personal life

  4. 由岐猫@レゾンデイトル・カレイドスコウプが音楽コラボアプリ nanaに投稿した「愛のかたまり 女性キー ハモリ/KinKi Kids」のサウンドページです。

  5. Check Out Latest Malayalam Official Lyrical Video Song ... › videos › entertainment

    Today · Watch the lyrical video song 'Meghathil Megham' from Malayalam movie 'IIT Krishnamurthy' starring Prudhvi Dandamudi and Maira Doshi. 'Meghathil Megham' is sung by Nikhil and music of the song is ...

  6. Only Fools and Horses - Wikiquote › wiki › Only_Fools_and_Horses
    • Theme Tune
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    Stick a pony in me pocket I'll fetch the suitcase from the van. 'Cos if you want the best 'uns, but you don't ask questions, Then brother, I'm your man. 'Cos where it all comes from is a mystery, It's like the changing of the seasons, and the tides of the sea. But here's the one that's driving me berserk, Why do only fools and horses work? La la la la, la la la la la, la la la la


    We've got some half price cracked ice and miles and miles of carpet tiles TVs, deep freeze and David Bowie LPs Ball games, gold chains, whatsanames, and at a push Some Trevor Francis track suits From a mush in Shepherd's Bush Bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush! No income tax, no VAT no money back, no guarantee Black or white, rich or brokewe'll cut prices at a stroke... God bless Hooky Street. Viva Hooky Street Long live Hooky Street C'est magnifique, Hooky Street Magnifique, Hooky Stre...

    Big Brother

    [First lines of the series] 1. Grandad: (watching TV) That Sidney Potter's a good actor, ain't he Rodney? He was marvellous in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. 2. Rodney: Yeah knock out Grandad. Sidney Potter? 3. Grandad: Yeah, you know him. Always plays the black fella. 4. Rodney: Sidney Poitier! 5. Grandad: Sidney Potter. [They continue to argue until Del walks in.] 1. Del: Are you two at it again? 2. Rodney: Del. How do you pronounce that fella's name on the telly? Sidney Poitier or Potter? 3...

    Go West Young Man

    1. Grandad: You wouldn't remember when I married your grandmother. 2. Del: (sarcastically)No. 1. Del: It's been so long that Rodney had a bit on the side, he didn't know they'd moved it. 1. Rodney: I'm gonna do what Monica was doing last night! 2. Del: Going dancing with Mickey Pearce? [Del wonders why Rodney took him to a peculiar club.] 1. Rodney: It looked all right from the outside. 2. Del: It looked all right from the outside? That's what the Christians said about the Colosseum! 1. Del:...

    Cash and Curry

    1. Rodney: Are you all right, Del? I thought you was in bother! 2. Del: That's why it took you an hour and a half to come! Didn't Grandad tell you that I'd called? 3. Rodney: Oh yeah, he told me! "Del Boy's been captured by the Indians!" he said. I didn't know whether to call the police or the Texas Rangers! 1. Mr. Rahn: (to Del and Rodney)Vimmal Malik has in his possession the one single item that remains of my birthright. It's a simple porcelain statuette of Kuvera. You know who Kuvera is?...

    Christmas Crackers

    1. Grandad: I don't know why they have these drug addiction centres. Aren't there enough drug addicts about as it is? Without them recruiting them. 1. Del: (to Rodney, in the Monte Carlo Club)I've heard your line of patter my son. If they don't know Adam Ant's birthday or the Chelsea result it's goodnight Vienna, innit? 1. Del: Now here's what we're gonna do. You're gonna leave the club. 2. Rodney: Leave? 3. Del: Yeah. And you wait a couple of minutes right? And then you'll come back saying t...

    The Long Legs of the Law

    [Grandad is insulted by Rodney's lack of respect for the Trotter family honour] 1. Grandad: You've always been a bad 'un, Rodney. 2. Rodney: What, 'cos I didn't wear a crash helmet? 3. Grandad: I mean smoking mari-jew-arna! 1. Del: (after Rodney goes on a date with a policewoman)One minute you're walking along quite nicely, and the next minute... Whack! Life jumps out and gives you sobering thoughts. 2. Grandad: Oh, I've had a lot of sobering thoughts in my time, Del Boy. It were them that st...

    Ashes to Ashes

    [At Trigger's grandad's funeral] 1. Trigger: You knew my granddad, Arthur, didn't you? 2. Granddad: Oh yeah, I knew Arthur alright. 3. Trigger: He was a smashing man. He took care of me after my mum went. 4. Rodney: Where was your dad? 5. Trigger: He died a couple of years before I was born. [Rodney nods, then works out what's wrong with that sentence] 1. Rodney: It's Arthur's Ashes! 2. Del: Arthur's Ashes? That's the black bloke who won Wimbledon innit? 1. Del: Do you know any hymns? 2. Rodn...

    A Losing Streak

    1. Grandad: You play cards again last night? 2. Del: Hmm... Yeah. You know me, eh: he who dares, wins. 3. Grandad: How did you get on? 4. Del: I lost. 1. Del: You are giving my arse a headache, Rodney! 1. Del: Beneath all this finery, there lies... a berk. Now that surprises you dunnit? 2. Rodney: No. [Del places a few £10 notes on the table] 1. Boycie: Is that all you've got Del? 2. Del: Eh? Uh no, no (nudging his head towards Rodney), Rodney's got the rest for me... 3. Rodney: Oh yeah... De...

    Christmas Trees

    1. Vicar: I have become dismayed, even shocked by the attitude of youth - but today you walked into this church and offered us this tree simply because you care. You have rekindled my faith in the human race. It's not nicked is it?

    Diamonds Are for Heather

    1. Del: (commenting on the chicken he's been eating at the Nag's Head)Tough? Tough? It's the toughest chicken I've ever known. It's asked me for a fight in the car park twice! 1. Heather: (after listening to Old Shep)Did you have an old dog? 2. Del: I've had many old dogs in my time!


    1. Del: There are 2,000 stories in the Naked City and this plonker is looking for a basket on wheels. [Rodney is looking for crimes to report at the tenants' meeting.] 1. Del: Well, why don't you tell them what happened to poor Rita Alldridge then? 2. Rodney: Yes! Good idea! What happened to Rita Alldridge then? 3. Del: Last Friday night she was indecently assaulted over by the adventure playground. 4. Rodney: No! Did she report it? 5. Del: Yeah, I saw her this morning, she'd just been down t...

    Healthy Competition

    1. Rodney: I am 24 years old, I have two GSEs, thirteen years of schooling and three terms at an adult education centre behind me, right? And with all that, what have I become? I am a lookout. 2. Del: No, Rodney, you're wrong. You're not just a lookout, you're a bad lookout! 1. [After Rodney announces he's starting a business with Mickey Pearce] 2. Grandad: You wanna watch that young Pearcey, he's a bit too fly for my liking. He'd rob his own grandmother, he would! 3. Rodney: Oh don't be stup...

    Friday the 14th

    1. Rodney: Boycie would scalp you if dandruff had a going rate. 1. Del: When we see the gamekeeper, when we get down there, we pay him 25 quid. 2. Rodney: What? And he gives us a fishing permit? 3. Del: No, he shows us the hole in the fence. 4. Rodney: I knew it. 5. Del: It's called business. 6. Rodney: It's called stealing! 7. Grandad: No it ain't, Rodney. 8. Del: Listen to your grandad. 9. Grandad: It's called poaching. 1. Policeman: They called him "The Axe Murderer". He murdered a group o...

    Licensed to Drill

    1. Del: Don't you get septic with me Rodney! 1. Del: (pointing to an assortment of household items made from crude oil)What have all these things got in common? 2. Rodney: They're all nicked?

    Happy Returns

    1. June: (about her son Jason)I think he misses his dad. 2. Del: Yeah, I used to miss my dad. Until I learned to punch straight... 1. June: You had a kid brother. Rodney! How is he? 2. Del: He's alright. He's just reached that awkward age, you know. He's a bit like a trifle. 3. June: What do you mean? All mixed up? 4. Del: No, he's thick and fruity. 1. Del: What are you up to, Mickey? 2. Mickey Pearce: I've just come back from evening school. I'm learning aikido. 3. Del: Really? Go on then, s...

    Strained Relations

    1. Albert: Your name Rodney, son? 2. Rodney: Well, it is when Trigger's not about! 1. Albert: Do you know I was torpedoed five times? 2. Rodney: Yeah? 3. Albert: Yeah. Do you know what they called me? 4. Rodney: Jonah? 5. Albert: No, they didn't call me "Jonah"... Not many of them. They used to call me "Boomerang Trotter" cause I always came back. 1. Albert: (heading into Grandad's bedroom) I might as well kip down in there, eh? 2. Del: No, no, you can't go in there. That's my Grandad's room!...

    Hole in One

    1. Uncle Albert: [shaking his head at Rodney] They must have seen him coming! [Del enters, glaring at Rodney] 2. Del: Morning unc. 3. Albert: Morning son. 4. Del: What's it like out? 5. Albert: Oh it's parky Del. 6. Del: Nice thick frost, is there? 7. Albert: Bit slippery under foot. 8. Del: Good. Lovely little flecks of snow? 9. Albert: Bit of sleet yeah. 10. Del: Cushty. Nice brisk northerly wind howling in from the Urals is there? 11. Albert: Cuts right through yer, Del. 12. Del: Lovely. C...

    From Prussia With Love

    [Anna walks in pregnant. Albert is told to say hello] 1. Albert: Good evening to you all. [In response to Albert suggesting Anna may either have twins, triplets, or quadroplets.] 1. Del: He's right and all. She might be sitting in there with a belly full of people! 1. Del: (seeing Rodney "playing" with Duke)Oi, Rodney! Take your leg out of that dog's mouth, will you? [Although Del promised Boycie a baby boy, he can only deliver a girl.] 1. Boycie: It's amazing, innit? Everything you buy off h...

    The Miracle of Peckham

    1. Father O'Keith: So to what do I owe this honour? 2. Del: I have come to confess my sins. 3. Father O'Keith: Del, please! I've been invited out to dinner this evening. 1. Father O'Keith: Have you ever been to this church before? 2. Del: Of course I have... when my mum and dad got married.

    The Longest Night

    [Del, Rodney, and Albert are paying for their grocery shopping] 1. Checkout Girl: (surly)£29.48. 2. Del: Sorry? 3. Checkout Girl: (even surlier, with a look of contempt)£29.48. 4. Del: Did you sue them? 5. Checkout Girl: Who? 6. Del: The Charm School! 1. Lennox Gilbey: You ever heard of the Scarlett Pimpernel? 2. Rodney: That weren't you, was it? 3. Lennox Gilbey: No, but I'm like him. They seek him here, they see him there. Those policemen seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hel...

    Yuppy Love

    1. Del: You've always been the same, even at school. Nothing but books, learning, education. That's why you're no good at snooker. 1. Del: All the things we've ever got from life has come from my intelligence, and my foresight. 2. Rodney: Well, I'm glad somebody's owned up! 1. Rodney: This flat is in a wonderful position, isn't it? I mean, fifteen minutes from the West End, it's fifteen minutes from the motorway... 2. Uncle Albert: And fifteen minutes from the ground. 1. Del: (to Trigger at t...

    Danger UXD

    1. Del: It's a videotape recorder, isn't it? It's got a little computer and everything. When you go on your holidays, this thing will record all your programmes for you. 2. Uncle Albert: Amazing! 3. Del: Yeah, nothing but the best. 4. Uncle Albert: How does it know when you're on holiday? 5. Del: You send it a postcard, don't you? 1. Uncle Albert: I thought the bloke you bought it from said an idiot could work it? 2. Del: Yes, yes, yes, that's right yes! Rodney!Come along, it's gone six o'clo...

    Chain Gang

    1. Del: Hello, Cassandra, very pleased to meet you. Rodney has told me all about you. Don't worry, I'll try not to shout it all about. 2. Cassandra: That's very nice of you, Derek. Rodney's told me all about you as well, although I must admit I didn't believe him... until now. 1. Arnie: Doctors gave me six months to live. 2. Trigger: Well, you don't want to take too much notice of these doctors, Arnie. They'll say anything to get rid of you. 1. Rodney: (upon seeing the chains) What'd you do,...

  7. Creep (Radiohead song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Creep_(Radiohead_song)

    1 day ago · "Creep" is the debut single by English alternative rock band Radiohead, released on 21 September 1992. It appeared on their debut studio album, Pablo Honey (1993). Thom Yorke's lyrics express an obsessive, self-destructive sexual attraction.

  8. Pro-junta group attacks protesters as Myanmar crisis ... › 2021/02/26 › pro-junta-group-attacks

    1 day ago · 02:02. Yangon, Myanmar — Members of a group supporting Myanmar’s military junta attacked and injured people protesting Thursday against the army’s February 1 seizure of power that ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

  9. Man in Critical Condition after Attempting to Commit Suicide ... › 2021/02/26 › man-in-critical

    1 day ago · A 25-year-old man is now in critical condition after he attempted to commit suicide inside of an Ohio Church on Monday. top headlines Read More

  10. 'We Should Be Outraged': Senator Grills Nominee Over Support ... › 2021/02/26 › we-should-be

    1 day ago · During her confirmation hearing this week, Rachel Levine -- who has been nominated for the assistant secretary of Health and Human Services position -- dodged questions regarding the ethicality and legality of allowing minor children to transition genders. top headlines Read More

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