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  1. Nov 26, 2023 · If kids are struggling in any way at school, they are at risk of frustration, boredom, anxiety, and depression —any of which can cause behavior problems. Some detective work to discover what’s happening is an important part of how to discipline your child for misbehaving at school.

  2. Jun 13, 2022 · If your child's misbehavior is an isolated incident, monitor their progress for a few days to make sure it gets better. However, if your child is getting in trouble at school often, it might be helpful to establish daily communication with their teacher or a school administrator. Devise a Monitoring System

  3. Aug 16, 2023 · How to Handle the Top 4 Issues 1. Acting Out in School. Before labeling your child’s behavior as mere “naughtiness,” ensure you communicate with both... 2. Dropping Grades. A sign of potential school misbehavior is declining grades, which can be surprising if they’ve... 3. “I Hate My Teacher!”. ...

  4. Apr 22, 2020 · Finding the Root Causes of Classroom Misbehavior. As educators, you know there are just some kids who walk into a classroom and they’re not going to follow the norms of the classroom. You think they hear you, yet disregard directions. Create disruptions. Prevent other students from learning.

  5. Aug 20, 2010 · Why Disruptive Children Misbehave at School Badly behaved students may be telling us they're just bored Posted August 20, 2010 When my son went into grade one, a decade ago, he refused to sit in...

  6. Sep 18, 2020 · Whether they see a peer at school misbehave or they’re copying something they’ve seen on TV, kids will repeat what they see. Limit your child's exposure to aggressive behavior on TV, in video games, and in real life. Role-model healthy behavior to teach your child the appropriate way to behave in various situations. To Test Limits

  7. The Solution: Before addressing a school misbehavior issue with your child, make sure you have all the information you need from your child's school. When did the misbehavior occur? Did it occur during a structured (e.g., math class) or unstructured (e.g., recess) time? What was happening before the incident? Was your child arguing with a peer?

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