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  2. English: chingón adj: MX, vulgar (que fastidia, molesta) pain, boor n ¡No seas chingón! Deja de insistir. Don't be a pain (or: boor)! Stop insisting. chingón nm: MX, vulgar (capaz, apto, experto) whizz kid n (vulgar, slang) bad ass n : El jefe contrató a un chingón en finanzas. The boss hired a financial whizz kid.

  3. Meaning of chingon. What does chingon mean? ... Find a translation for the chingon definition in other languages: ... Search for chingon on Google;

  4. › definition › ChingónWhat does Chingón mean?

    Definition of Chingón in the dictionary. Meaning of Chingón. ... Rate this definition: Chingón. Chingon is a Mexican rock band based in Austin ...

  5. chingon translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'chino',Ching',Chingtao',chignoned', examples, definition, conjugation

  6. Noun chingón (masc.) ( pl. chingones, fem. chingona) ( Mexico, colloquial) Someone who is very smart, intelligent and can do things quickly. ( Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) Someone who likes to mess with people. ( Mexico, colloquial) Someone or something that is cool, awesome and very good. Antonyms bargasbila güey idiota menso pendejo tonto

  7. Nov 12, 2017 · Definition of chingon, chingadera, mamada, mamalona, chingo - We use “chingon(a)” & “mamalon(a)” when we think that something is very cool. Ej: Esa motocicleta está muy chingona That motorbike is very cool. Esa camisa está mamalona - That shirt is very cool. - “Chingadera” & “mamada” is for something negative, like a mistake or if to you don’t like it, but if to you don’t ...

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