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    The primary symptoms of cholera are profuse diarrhea and vomiting of clear fluid. These symptoms usually start suddenly, half a day to five days after ingestion of the bacteria. The diarrhea is frequently described as "rice water" in nature and may have a fishy odor.

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    Cholera's main symptoms are very bad diarrhea and vomiting clear fluid. These symptoms usually start suddenly. They start half a day to five days after the person gets infected. (This is called cholera's " incubation period ".)

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    Ideal sources for Wikipedia's health content are defined in the guideline Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine) and are typically review articles.Here are links to possibly useful sources of information about Timeline of cholera.

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    Jan 31, 2021 · From Oporto, cholera spreads throughout the country, and more than 40000 people perish. It is calculated that cholera killed more people than the war itself. Europe, North America: 1832 : Publication : G.E. Winslow publishes Essay on the Nature, Symptoms and Treatment of Asiatic Cholera, a standard text on cholera from the pre-bacterial era. 1847

    Event type
    Present-day geographic location
    Medical development (drug)
    United States FDA approves Vaxchora for the prevention of cholera.
    Medical development (drug)
    Oral cholera vaccine Euvichol is introduced. Euvichol is manufactured by EuBiologics.
    Cholera outbreak in Africa. 1,475 reported deaths, 84,675 reported cases.
    Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Togo, Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Chad, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea
    Sierra Leonean cholera outbreak. At least 392 people are reportedly killed and more than 25,000 others are infected.
    Sierra Leone, Guinea
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    Signs and symptoms of cholera dehydration include irritability, fatigue, sunken eyes, a dry mouth, extreme thirst, dry and shriveled skin that's slow to bounce back when pinched into a fold, little or no urinating, low blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat.

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    Cholera Symptoms About 80 percent of people who contract the bacteria don’t develop cholera symptoms and the infection resolves on its own. And of the people who do develop cholera, 20 percent come...

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    Causes and Symptoms The symptoms of cholera are abdominal cramps,low urine output, Rapid dehydration, vomiting,watery diarrhea,dry mouth, dry skin, glassy eyes, lack of tears, lethargy, nausea, rapid heart rate and unusual sleepiness.

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    Symptoms and Causative Agent. Cholera is a diarrheal illness caused by an infection of the intestine by the Vibrio cholerae bacterium. In about 80% of cholera infections, the person will have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. However, about 20% of people with symptoms will will experience profuse watery diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramps.

  10. Most of what we know about the history of cholera, however, comes to us from the 19th century onwards. In 1817, cholera caused a very lethal outbreak in India, which then spread to Myanmar,...

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