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  1. Excellent script, cast solidify A&E’s ‘Napoleon’ miniseries ... › news › excellent-script-cast

    Known as "the little corporal," Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France and influenced European politics for 15 years. A&E`s miniseries "Napoleon" explains the charisma and military genius that changed history. French actor Christian Clavier ("Les Miserables") portrays Napoleon as a determined and generous man. Napoleon, a Corsican by birth, rose from his

  2. The Road to Waterloo - WSJ › articles › SB104942338310174000

    Apr 04, 2003 · Although Napoleon (Christian Clavier) and his sinister police chief Joseph Fouche (Gerard Depardieu) are played by Frenchmen, American John Malkovich is the scheming foreign minister Talleyrand ...

  3. Napoleon (2002) - › wiki › Napoleon_(2002)

    Napoleon is a four-part historical film from 2002. The miniseries has a total duration of 360 minutes. The French actor Christian Clavier embodied the figure of Napoleon. Gérard Depardieu, Napoleon's wife Josephine Isabella Rossellini, played his police minister Fouché. Directed by Yves Simoneau.

  4. How Napoleon Bonaparte is still influencing pop culture 200 ... › arts-entertainment › films

    Among numerous serious television depictions of the Emperor was the 2002 French-Canadian miniseries Napoleon – starring Christian Clavier in the lead role – which at the time became the most ...

  5. Eagle in a cage – Luke McKernan › 2018/04/10 › eagle-in-a-cage

    Apr 10, 2018 · This uses the device of opening on St Helena in 1816 with Napoleon speaking to Betsy Balcombe, recalling the great events of his life, with the story then unfolding in flashbacks (Christian Clavier plays Napoleon, David Francis plays Hudson Lowe).

  6. History of Modern France — Fall – Institute for the Study of ... › history-of-modern-france › fall

    It is the best version of Napoleon's life I have ever seen on film. It stars Christian Clavier as Napoleon, Isabella Rossellini as Josephine (she is spectacular), with Gerard Depardieu, John Malkovich (Talleyrand), Anoud Aimee and many others. (2003) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  7. There are 4 french movies untitled "Napoleon" with Christian Clavier (famous french actor). I know it's not really the 19th but they are very good and historically accurate. But I don't know if you can find them with english subtitles.

  8. Oberon's Grove: NAPOLEON › 2008 › 08

    Aug 31, 2008 · The great diplomat managed to serve both Bonaparte and the on-again-off-again Louis XVIII and outlive them both. The incomparable Anouk Aimee (above) plays Napoleon's mother. One of our favorite actors, Sebastian Koch (photo) is among the excellent ensemble which further includes Gerard Depardieu, Ludivine Sagnier and Julian Sands.

  9. Sharpe or Hornblower - Which is the better series? - Page 2 ... › gassing › topic

    Difficult.. Has anybody seen the French TV miniseries 'Napoleon' starring Christian Clavier as Napoleon? 'The Duellists' with Harvey Keitel is a great film too..

  10. What was Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite book? - Quora › What-was-Napoleon-Bonapartes

    Plutarch’s lives affected him greatly in his teenage years. He read and re-read that book, being inspired by the great men detailed by Plutarch. Years later, the Corsican political figure Pasquale Paoli claimed that Napoleon was straight out of Pl...

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