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    Christiane Vulpius came from a poor family. Her father Johann Friedrich Vulpius, official archivist in Weimar, i.e. file copyist, had studied law for several semesters, but discontinued his studies. His job was badly paid, the family lived in very precarious conditions, especially since his father did everything to make it possible for his eldest son Christian August to study. Christiane was forced to accept a job as a plasterer in a small Weimar manufactory with Caroline Bertuch. This was al...

    Christiane was the one woman that should change the life of the most prominent writer of his age to become his wife and the mother of his children. And they should only meet by chance. Christiane Vulpius was a comely damsel of 23 years when Goethe met her, with golden curling locks, rosy cheeks, laughing eyes and a neatly rounded figure. She met Goethe on 12 July 1788 as she spoke to him to ask for help for her brother, who needed support as a starting writer. In fact, Goethe later spoke up s...

    Goethe took the young woman into his house together with her half-sister Ernestine and her aunt Juliane; the two women’s sphere of influence was completely limited to the house and garden. The Weimar court and society rejected the illegitimate and improper connection, so that Goethe, on the advice of the duke, had to leave the house at the Frauenplan in the centre of Weimar and move temporarily to the “Jägerhaus” in Marienstraße.This changed only around 1806. After death of his close friend a...

    Nothing in Goethe’s life has been so misunderstood and misrepresented as his relations with Christiane Vulpius. She was always treated as a wife, and very much better than most wives, the two being united by bonds more indissoluble than those of the church. Christiane was from a much lower rank in society; but she understood Goethe’s nature as no one else did. Christiane loved the theatre. She visited plays in Weimar as well as in other places. As she grew older, Christiane’s state of health...

  1. Christiane Vulpius - Wikipedia

    Literature by and about Christiane Vulpius in the German National Library catalogue; Christiane von Goethe. in: FemBio. Frauen-Biographieforschung (with references and citations). Kerstin Patzelt: Christiane Vulpius: „Die Chocolade fangt an zu fehlen …“ Über Sigrid Damms aufwendige Recherche „Christiane und Goethe“.

  2. Goethe's wife. She was a daughter of Johann Friedrich Vulpius and the younger sister of Christian August. Her full name was Johanna Christiana Sophia Vulpius. She met Goethe for the first time on July 13th 1788 when she gave him a letter from her brother.

    • 1 Jun 1765
    • Jakobsfriedhof, Weimar, Stadtkreis Weimar, Thüringen, Germany
    • 6 Jun 1816 (aged 51)
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  3. Christiane Vulpius - Vom armen Blumenmädchen zur Frau Goethe ...

    Christiane Vulpius, Frau von Johann Wolfgang Goethe, mit ihrem gemeinsamen Sohn August, zeitgenössische Darstellung. (dpa/picture alliance) Erst war sie Goethes Geliebte, dann seine Ehefrau und ...

  4. Christiane Vulpius (Goethe) — Wikipédia

    Christiane von Goethe. dans: FemBio. Frauen-Biographieforschung (avec références et citations). Kerstin Patzelt: Christiane Vulpius: «Die Chocolade fangt an zu fehlen…» Über Sigrid Damms aufwendige Recherche «Christiane und Goethe». Das Ostpreußenblatt de la Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen, consulté le 29.

  5. Goethe und Christiane Vulpius und...

    Goethe und Christiane Vulpius Damals trat Anfang Juli (?) 1788 eine junge unverheiratete Frau im Park an Goethe heran, machte einen ergebenen Knicks und überreichte ihm eine Bittschrift. Ihr Bruder, ein gewisser Christian August Vulpius, ein junger fleißiger und relativ er-folgreicher Schriftsteller mit einer schlecht

  6. Christiane von Goethe – Wikipedia

    Aufgrund verschiedener Hilfsgesuche und Anträge kannte Goethe die Lage der Familie. Am 13. Juli 1788 lernte er Christiane Vulpius selbst im Park an der Ilm kennen, wo sie ihm eine Bittschrift für ihren Bruder Christian August überreichte.

  7. Christiane Vulpius - Goethes Haus- und Bettschatz | MDR.DE

    Nie hätte jemand von ihr Kenntnis genommen, hätte Goethe sie nicht zu seiner Geliebten und Ehefrau erwählt – Christiane Vulpius.Sie ist dreiundzwanzig, er achtunddreißig, als beide im Juli ...

  8. KULTUR Christiane Vulpius Goethe (1765–1816): Geliebte, Gefährtin und Beraterin

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    Rosenheim – Goethe und Christiane Vulpius, mit der er seit 1788 eine Beziehung hatte und die er 1806 ehelichte, haben sich Hunderte Briefe geschrieben, von den

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