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    Christine was released in North America on December 9, 1983, to 1,045 theaters. In its opening weekend Christine brought in $3,408,904 landing at #4. The film dropped 39.6% in its second weekend, grossing $2,058,517 slipping from fourth to eighth place. In its third weekend, it grossed $1,851,909 dropping to #9.

    • December 9, 1983
    • Richard Kobritz, Larry J. Franco
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    Christine 2: The Revenge is an upcoming horror sequel film. Coming soon in 2020's.

    • Christine 2 - The Revenge
    • Jaws - Deleted Scenes
    • Aida and Angelo sing All I Ask Of You
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    Arnold "Arnie" Cunningham (Keith Gordon) is an awkward, unpopular teen with only one friend, Dennis Guilder (John Stockwell). Arnie's life begins to change when he buys a used, badly battered red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury named "Christine," in need of extensive repairs. Arnie begins to restore Christine at a local repair shop and junkyard, Darnell's Autobody, but as he spends more of his time working on the car, he discards his glasses, dresses more like a 1950s greaser and develops an arrogant personality. Arnie's new girlfriend, Leigh Cabot (Alexandra Paul), and Dennis discover the car's previous owner was obsessed with Christine and committed suicide in it by carbon monoxide poisoning. On New Year's Eve, Dennis and Leigh reason that the only way to stop Christine and save Arnie is to destroy the car. Dennis scratches "Darnell's Tonight"--referencing the name of the junkyard--into Christine's hood, then makes his way there with Leigh. Dennis waits in a bulldozer while Leigh hea...

    Keith Gordon as Arnold "Arnie" Cunningham
    John Stockwell as Dennis Guilder
    Alexandra Paul as Leigh Cabot
    Robert Prosky as Will Darnell

    John Carpenter also composed the musical score for the film. The film was too light to be rated R, so at the time of its release, it would have been rated PG. (The PG-13 rating didn't exist yet) So, the producers added the word 'fuck' multiple times so more people would see the film. Christine's license plate is yellow and says CQB, which means Close Quarters Battle, where it is a duel between two people, and one is obviously overpowered, with little chance of escape.

    In the scene where Buddyand his gang trash Christine before denting the engine Buddy grabs the bonnet and throws it up with such force that he throws the bonnet off and away. But when Christine shows her regenerative powers to Arnie her bonnet miraciously comes back. After Christine crushes Richie against the wall and Don backsaway after Buddy's camaro leaks gasoline there is a car on a hoist. But when the gas station blows up it is on the ground. There is no engine under Buddy's camaro when Christine crashes into it. 1958 plymouth furies did not have door lock buttons as depicted in the film. When Leigh visits Arnie's hair is slightly wet. But later on it is instantly drenched. There are casters under another car in the garage.

    While it takes in Rockbridge, California, the book takes place in Libertyville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh.
    In the book after the fight it is Arnie Cunninghamwho helps Dennis up but in the film it is Mr. Casey
    The dialogue  before and after the fight is much longer in the novel
    In the novel Arnie says that Buddy snatches his lunchbag and steps on it which starts the fight but in the film it is started when Buddy takes a switchblade, pierces the bag and spills the contents...
  4. Christine 2 the revenge.It will be an awesome movie.

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    Following the success of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King announced today that he will be returning to the story of Dennis Guilder in 2015 with CHRISTINE LIVES, the sequel to his 1983 novel Christine. CHRISTINE LIVES picks up where Christine left off, and follows the trials and tribulations of Dennis's descent from school teacher to carnival barker ...

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    2 "The Prank With the Unexpected Delivery" June 25, 2020 () 0.40: Original Prank: Tamika and Kehonia's mom, Madeline, went viral for twerking in a bar. Revenge Prank: Tamika and Kehonia enter an ambulance with their mother, where Tamika pretends to be pregnant and in labor. 3 "The Prank With the Flash Drive" July 2, 2020 ()

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    Jun 24, 2007 · A teenage girl whose father killed himself several years earlier vows to get revenge on her wealthy uncle, who refused to give her father the financial help he was desperate for and drove him to suicide.

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    Feb 05, 2012 · I don't believe it's true. If it were, it would be listed on IMDb or Wikipedia or there would be official articles about it. What does come up are fanmade videos on youtube that are called,...

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    Apr 22, 2015 · Christine 2 - The Revenge. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:47. Christine 2 - The Revenge. LES VIDEO EN BAZARS D' ALEX. 0:26. Read Now Four Revenge ...

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