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    Fun Facts about Christopher Columbus. Columbus was first buried in Spain, however his remains were later moved to Santo Domingo in the new world and then back, again, to Spain. Columbus brought horses to the new world on his second voyage. In his original calculations, he thought that Asia would be 2,400 miles from Portugal. He was way off.

  3. Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids

    Fun Facts About Christopher Columbus for Kids. Christopher Columbus was born on October 31, 1451 in Genoa, Italy. He began sailing when he was just a teenager.

  4. Christopher Columbus Facts for Kids

    May 30, 2020 · Christopher Columbus (1451–1506) was a Genoese trader, explorer, and navigator.He was born in Genoa, Italy, in the year 1451."Christopher Columbus" is the English version of Columbus's name.

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    Oct 09, 2019 · Picture of Christopher Columbus' four voyagesMaritime expeditions, during 1492 to 1504, to the Caribbean Islands and coast of Central America. 28 December 2009. Viajes de Colon. Derivative work ...

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  6. Christopher Columbus Facts | Cool Kid Facts

    Christopher Columbus is often thought of, and celebrated, for the discovery of America. He is often remembered as a brave hero, who went in search of a new world. The truth, however, is a bit different than the legend would suggest. Read on to discover who Columbus really was. Quick Facts. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451.

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    Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa between August and October 1451. His father was a weaver and small-time merchant. As a teenager, Christopher went to sea, travelled extensively and ...

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    Christopher Columbus opened the world of the Americas to his fellow Europeans. Europeans called Vikings had reached the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus first arrived there in 1492. However, the Vikings did not establish long-lasting settlements. Columbus explored the area and brought back more Europeans with him on later trips. ...

  9. Nov 25, 2017 · Audio Children's story "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA" is to learn or help sleep. These kid's stories belong to the Android App and iOS "Blue Planets Tales" that you can download ...

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  10. The story of Christopher Columbus for kids - LAE Kids

    Christopher Columbus is one of the most important characters in history and is credited for discovering America. He may not have been the first person to ever step foot on the land but his voyage started the exploration and colonization of the continent! A bit about him. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genova, Italy.

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    Oct 08, 2018 · Though Columbus didn’t discover any new lands his journey started centuries of exploration on the American continents. Christopher Columbus Death. Columbus died on May 20, 1506, in Valladolid, Spain. 5 Facts About Christopher Columbus. These 5 facts are simple. The perfect way to introduce Columbus to young children. Columbus was born in 1451