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    Santo Domingo de Guzmán, or just Santo Domingo, is the capital of the Dominican Republic and is its largest city. It is the oldest European city in the Americas where people have been living since it was founded at the end of the 15th century.

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    There is no mystery about the birth, family or race of Christopher Columbus. … There is no more reason to doubt that Christopher Columbus was a Genoese-born Catholic Christian, steadfast in his faith and proud of his native city, than to doubt that George Washington was a Virginia-born Anglican of English race, proud of being an American.

  3. Catalina Island (Dominican Republic) - Wikipedia

    Catalina Island or Isla Catalina is a tropical island located 1.5 miles from the mainland on the south-east corner of the Dominican Republic, near La Altagracia and La Romana. It is an occasional destination for cruise ships on Caribbean routes.

    • 9.6 km² (3.7 sq mi)
    • 4.5 km (2.8 mi)
    • 60 ft (18 m)
    • La Romana
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    The island of Hispaniola was discovered by Christopher Columbus on December 5th, 1492, but the first time that he saw part of the present Dominican Republic was on January 4th, 1493 when he saw a headland that he named Monte Cristi ("Mountain of Christ"). That mountain is called now El Morro and is near the city of Monte Cristi.

  5. History of the Dominican Republic - Wikipedia

    The recorded history of the Dominican Republic began when the Genoa-born navigator Christopher Columbus, working for the Spanish Crown, happened upon a large island in the region of the western Atlantic Ocean that later came to be known as the Caribbean.

    • Dominican Independence
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    The Dominican city of Concepción de la Vega, usually known as La Vega, is the head municipality of the La Vega province; it is the largest city in the central part of the country.

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    Samana was discovered by Europeans on January 12, 1493 by Christopher Columbus who was greeted with a barrage of spears and arrows from native Taíno warriors. It is said that this was the first instance of violent opposition to the Spanish conquistadors in the Americas.

  8. Bonao is in the Bonao Valley in the centre of the Dominican Republic. It has a total area of 142.8 km 2 (55.1 sq mi). It has five municipal districts (a municipal district is a subdivision of a municipality); these are Arroyo Toro-Masipedro, Jayaco, Juma Bejucal, La Salvia-Los Quemados and Sabana del Puerto.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Named after the Portuguese explorer, the Ferdinand Magellan (also known as U.S. Car. No. 1) is a former Pullman Company observation car that served as Presidential Rail Car, U.S. Number 1 from 1943 until 1958. The current owner Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami-Dade County, Florida, acquired it in 1959.

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    Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521; Portuguese: Fernão de Magalhães; Spaingie: Fernando de Magallanes) wis a Portuguese explorer.He wis born in Sabrosa, in northren Portugal, but later obtained Spaingie naitionality in order tae serve Keeng Charles I o Spain in sairch o a wastward route tae the "Spice Islands" (modren Maluku Islands in Indonesie).