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  1. Felix Walken | Baccano! Wiki | Fandom

    Felix Walken (フェリックス・ウォーケン Ferikkusu Wōken), also known as The Rail Tracer, introduced as Young Conductor, and born Claire Stanfield (クレア・スタンフィールド Kurea Sutanfīrudo) is the legendary freelance assassin Vino (ヴィーノ Vīno), and considered one of the best in his profession. This article will refer to him as Claire, the name by which he is ...

  2. How Natalie Wood found her husband in flagrante with their ...

    Mar 22, 2020 · How Natalie Wood found her husband in flagrante with their English butler: Her death sparked a 40-year mystery after a drunken night with husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken ended in tragedy.

  3. The Deer Hunter - Wikipedia

    The first actor hired turned out to be incapable of slapping De Niro in the face. The casting agent then found a local Thai man, Somsak Sengvilai, who held a particular dislike of Americans, and so cast him. De Niro suggested that Walken be slapped by one of the guards without any warning. The reaction on Walken's face was genuine.

  4. 5 Clearly Fake News Stories That Fooled the Media |

    Apr 25, 2012 · Highly acclaimed actor and scarer of small children Christopher Walken has rarely uttered a public word about the tragic events back in 1981 that led to the untimely death of American sweetheart and film star Natalie Wood. Walken was on a yacht with Wood and her husband, Robert Wagner, when Wood fell into the water in a drunken stupor.

  5. List of American films of 1980 - Wikipedia

    A list of American films released in 1980.. Ordinary People won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The highest-grossing film of 1980 was The Empire Strikes Back

  6. Judge Doom | Disney Wiki | Fandom

    Source Since I've had Toontown under my jurisdiction my goal has been to reign in the insanity, and the only way to do that is to make Toons respect the law.Judge Doom Judge Doom (formerly known as Baron Von Rotten) is the main antagonist of Disney/Touchstone's 1988 hybrid film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 1.1.1 Human 1.1.2 Toon 1.2 Powers and Abilities 2 Appearances 2 ...

  7. The Dark Knight (2008) - Trivia - IMDb

    Two-Face's disfigurement was created through computer graphics rather than prosthetic make-up, as writer, producer, and director Christopher Nolan felt that, no matter how good the make-up was, it is still inherently adding something onto an actor's face, when Two-Face's appearance requires part of his face to be burned away.

  8. Tim Burton - Biography - IMDb

    One of them depicts Helena Bonham Carter with their son Billy Burton and as a surprise Margaret drew Tim's face in the clouds, according to the book "Big Eyes: The Film, The Art". Four of his films won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction, them being Batman (1989), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 ...

  9. 23 of James Bond's Most Memorable Gadgets

    Oct 15, 2012 · A View to a Kill may not be the best Bond film, but it might be the most insane, and not just because it features Christopher Walken and Grace Jones flying over San Francisco in a blimp. It's also ...

  10. Marilyn Monroe had purple blotches on her face, falsie ...

    Jun 09, 2015 · In 1981, Natalie Wood mysteriously drowned in the waters off of Catalina Island, California where she and her husband Robert Wagner and guest and actor Christopher Walken had been partying .

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