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  1. vanity card (noun): A full-screen production company credit that airs for one second at the end of a TV show.So named because the credit is bullshit. The actual producer of every network TV show is a large corporation that risks capital in development costs and deficit financing so that, in success, it can steal money from profit participants (i.e., schmucks with vanity cards).

  2. Chuck Lorre's coolest vanity cards that you must check out ...

    Jan 16, 2020 · In card #44, Chuck Lorre talks openly about praying and preaching. He also shares that you have to cling to the idea of humanity. He also advises being kind and practises praying to align yourself well in this world.

    • Aditya Vyas
  3. Chuck Lorre creates his 600th vanity card for The Big Bang ...

    Nov 08, 2018 · The sitcom’s co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre created his 600th vanity card for the end of the comedy. For those who aren’t familiar with his long-running tradition, Lorre has been...

    • Lynette Rice
    • 59 sec
  4. Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards - Pinterest

    Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards Will And Grace Big Bang Theory Psych Fandom Faith Passion Good Things Writing CLP - Vanity Cards The official home of the Vanity Cards that are shown *briefly* following most Chuck Lorre Productions. Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards Make Smile

  5. CBS Sitcom Creator Chuck Lorre on 2020 Election Results: 'It ...

    Nov 12, 2020 · Now that the fall season of television has started, we get to be treated to a new round of vanity cards from CBS’ “King of Sitcoms” Chuck Lorre.

  6. The Big Bang Theory Vanity Cards: A Peek into the Mind of ...

    The Big Bang Theory creator, Chuck Lorre, posts various vanity cards at the end of each episode of the show for exactly 1 second of airtime. These cards include everything from politics, life, humor, and anecdotes to pictures of cast members, poems and even a “ PETITION FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN THE CONDITION OF EXISTENCE.

  7. Chuck Lorre Rips Donald Trump in Vanity Card

    As of Thursday, Lorre has produced 541 vanity cards, using the platform to release his would-be Big Bang Theory Emmys acceptance speech and bash Chinese authorities for the show's ban as well as...

  8. Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards - Home | Facebook

    Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards. 283 likes · 2 talking about this. A Fan page for Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards!!!

  9. Chuck Lorre Productions | The Big Bang Theory Wiki | Fandom
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    The sitcoms produced by Chuck Lorre Productions include: 1. Grace Under Fire(1993–1998) 2. Cybill(1995–1998) 3. Dharma & Greg(1997–2002) 4. Two and a Half Men(2003–2015) 5. The Big Bang Theory(2007–2019) 6. Mike & Molly(2010–2016) 7. Mom (TV series)|Mom(2013–present) 8. The Odd Couple (TV series)(2015–2017) 9. Young Sheldon(2017–present) 10. Bob Hearts Abishola(2019–present)

    Chuck Lorre Productions is known for their unique vanity cards displayed at the end of their television shows. The vanity card for each episode of The Big Bang Theoryis displayed after the credits roll, and right before the final Warner Bros. logo. The vanity card has shown up in every single episode. Each vanity card is numbered and shows a brief note, sometimes with a photo, under the company name, and contains a random and often humorous insight from Chuck Lorre, which frequently tend to be cynical and have also become increasingly political in later years. The text appears on the screen only briefly, and can only be read if one has the episode on a recorded medium (such as a PVR) and pauses on the frame of the vanity card unless it is very short. Some notes say that they have been censored, but "As always, you know where to look." All notes, both censored and uncensored, are published on Chuck Lorre Productions's website. The vanity cards are displayed by their numbers on the le...

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