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  1. Chungcheongbuk-do (North Chungcheong) is a province in the centre of South Korea. It was formed in 1896 from the northeastern half of the former Chungcheong province. The provincial capital is Cheongju.

  2. North Chungcheong Province ( Korean: 충청북도, Chungcheongbuk-do ), also known as Chungbuk, is a province of South Korea. North Chungcheong has a population of 1,578,934 (2014) and has a geographic area of 7,433 km 2 (2,870 sq mi) located in the Hoseo region in the south-center of the Korean Peninsula. North Chungcheong borders the provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon to the north, North Gyeongsang to the east, North Jeolla to the south and South Chungcheong, Sejong Special Autonomous City ...

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    The province is pairt o the Hoseo region, an is bundit on the wast bi Chungcheongnam-do province, on the north bi Gyeonggi-do an Gangwon-do provinces, on the sooth bi Jeollabuk-do province, an on the east bi Gyeongsangbuk-do. Chungcheongbuk-do is the anerlie land-lockit province in Sooth Korea. The province is maistly muntainous, dominatit bi the Noryeong Muntains tae the north an the Sobaek Muntainstae the east.

    Agricultural products includes rice, baurley, beans, an potatoes, but the province specializes in ginseng an tobacco. The tobacco wis introducit frae the US in 1912, transplantit frae Virginia. There are mineral reserves o gowd, iron, coal, steatite, fluorite, an molybdenum, as well as marble an limestanein the northren pairt o the province. Silk weavin plays an important role.

    The main attractions in the province are Munt Songni (1,058 metre (3,471 ft)) in the Sobaek muntains an its naitional pairk. Beopjusa, the steid o ane o the auldest temples o Korea is locatit in this naitional pairk, as in Guinsa, the heidquarters o the Cheontae sect. There is anither naitional pairk aroond Munt Worak.

    Chungcheongbuk-do is dividit intae 3 ceeties (si) an 9 coonties (gun). Each entity is leetit belaw in Inglis, hangul, an hanja.

    Chungbuk is the steid o several tertiary institutions, includin: 1. Chungbuk National University 2. Korea Air Force Academy 3. Korea National University of Education 4. Cheongju National University of Education 5. Cheongju University 6. Seowon University 7. Semyung University 8. Far East University 9. Youngdong University 10. Chung Cheong College 11. Jusung College 12. Daewon Science College

    Chungcheongbuk-do provincial government English-language home page Archived 2010-11-22 at the Wayback Machine

    • 3 ceeties; 8 coonties
    • Sooth Korea
  3. Chungcheongbuk-do (of Nuurd-Chungcheong Prowins, üüb Koreaans: 충청북도) as en prowins uun a maden faan Süüdkorea.Det hee 1.589.347 lidj (2015).At hoodsteed faan't prowins as Cheongju.

  4. › Chungju-city,_Chungcheongbuk-doChungju - Wikipedia

    Chungcheong. Chungju (충주시) is a city in North Chungcheong province, South Korea. Uamsan is a mountain located within the outskirts of the city. The city is famous for the annual martial arts festival held in October. Also of note, former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon grew up here.

    • 1 eup, 12 myeon, 12 dong
    • 충주시
    • South Korea
    • Hoseo
  5. › wiki › 忠清北道忠清北道 - Wikipedia

    • 概要
    • 歴史
    • 著名な出身者
    • 姉妹県・州
    • 日本の姉妹都市
    • 関連項目
    • 外部リンク
    面積 7,431.50平方キロ
    人口 1,527,339人 (2007)
    1914年3月1日- 行政区域の統廃合が行われ10の郡に統合される。
    潘基文 - 第8代国際連合事務総長
    都鍾煥 - 詩人、政治家、文化体育観光部長官
    オム・ジョンファ - 歌手、女優
    ユ・ヘジン - 俳優
    (青森県五戸町) - (沃川郡)
    (東京都武蔵野市) - (忠州市)
    (山梨県甲府市) - (清州市)
    (宮崎県宮崎市) - (報恩郡)
  6. Incheon. Sejong. Seoul. Ulsan. v. t. e. North Chungcheong Province (Chungcheongbuk-do) is divided into 3 cities ( si) and 8 counties ( gun ). The city and county names below are given in English, hangul, and hanja .

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