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    19 hours ago · Bordeaux ( / bɔːrˈdoʊ / bor-DOH, French: [bɔʁdo] ( listen); Gascon Occitan: Bordèu [buɾˈðɛw]; Basque: Bordele) is a port city on the river Garonne in the Gironde department, Southwestern France. It is the capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, as well as the prefecture of the Gironde department. Its inhabitants are called ...

    • 49.36 km² (19.06 sq mi)
    • Gironde
  2. › wiki › GoaGoa - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Goa ( / ˈɡoʊə / ( listen)) is a state on the southwestern coast of India within the Konkan region, geographically separated from the Deccan highlands by the Western Ghats. [8] [9] It is located between the Indian states of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, with the Arabian Sea forming its western coast.

    • 30 May 1987
    • India
  3. 1 day ago · Albuquerque (/ ˈ æ l b ə ˌ k ɜːr k i / AL-bə-kur-kee; Spanish: [alβuˈkeɾke]), abbreviated as ABQ, is the most populous city in the U.S. state of New Mexico. Its nicknames, The Duke City and Burque, both reference its 1706 founding by Nuevo México governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdés as La Villa de Alburquerque.

  4. › wiki › SundialSundial - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · A sundial is a horological device that tells the time of day (referred to as civil time in modern usage) when direct sunlight shines by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky. In the narrowest sense of the word, it consists of a flat plate (the dial) and a gnomon, which casts a shadow onto the dial. As the Sun appears to move through the ...

  5. › wiki › DemocracyDemocracy - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Democracy (from Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) dēmos 'people' and kratos 'rule' [1]) is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation ("direct democracy"), or to choose governing officials to do so ("representative democracy"). Who is considered part of "the people" and how ...

  6. › wiki › DeterminantDeterminant - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · The Leibniz formula for the determinant of a 3 × 3 matrix is the following: | | = () + = + +. The rule of Sarrus is a mnemonic for this formula: the sum of the products of three diagonal north-west to south-east lines of matrix elements, minus the sum of the products of three diagonal south-west to north-east lines of elements, when the copies of the first two columns of the matrix are ...

  7. › wiki › MoldovaMoldova - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · The territory of Moldova east of the river Dniester is split between parts of the Podolian Plateau, and parts of the Eurasian Steppe . The country's main cities are the capital Chișinău, in the centre of the country, Tiraspol (in the eastern region of Transnistria), Bălți (in the north) and Bender (in the south-east).

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