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  1. Jan 16, 2018 · The concept of a “separation of church and state” reinforces the legal right of a free people to freely live their faith, even in public; without fear of government coercion. Free exercise means...

  2. The union of church and state is indeed against our American theory and constitutions of government; but the most intimate union of the state with the saving and conservative forces of Christianity is one of the oldest customs of the country, and has always ranked a vital article of our political faith. Catholicism

  3. Separation of Church and State is a phrase that refers to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The phrase dates back to the early days of U.S. history, and Thomas Jefferson referred to the First Amendment as creating a “wall of separation” between church and state as the third president of the U.S.

  4. The separation of church and state was one of the legacies of the American and French revolutions at the end of the 18th century. It was achieved as a result of ideas arising from opposition to the English episcopal system and the English throne as well as from the ideals of the Enlightenment.

  5. Though not explicitly stated in the First Amendment, the clause is often interpreted to mean that the Constitution requires the separation of church and state. 'Separation of church and state' metaphor rooted in early American fears of government involvement

  6. Jul 10, 2011 · Church and state were distinct in that the Federal Government could not elevate one denomination over others. Nor could government and its flawed inhabitants usurp divine authority by...

  7. Two provisions in the U.S. Constitution provide the answer to this question. The first is the Establishment Clause which prohibits the government from “establishing” a particular religion. The second is the Free Exercise Clause, which protects the individual’s right to freely practice religion if it does not conflict with “public morals” or a “compelling” governmental interest.

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