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  1. Jun 01, 2014 · Courtesy of, here are eleven strange church laws that could get you arrested. Alabama It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church. Delaware In Rehoboth it is illegal to whisper in church. Maine Shotguns must be taken to church in the event of a Native American attack. Massachussetts

    • Yasmine Hafiz
    • Alabama
    • Delaware
    • Maine
  2. Sep 05, 2001 · The willingness of religious organizations to comply with some regulation is not seriously disputed. For example, few protest the application to churches of laws and regulations prohibiting fraud in the sale of securities. Essentially, federal and state laws regulate the offer and sale of securities for the protection of the investing public.

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    What are some examples of laws and regulations that apply to churches?

    What are some strange church laws that could get you arrested?

    What are the challenges faced by the church and clergy today?

    Are churches protected by the First Amendment?

    • Statement of Fundamental Truths
    • Bylaws
    • Know All Men by These Present
    • Article I
    • Purposes and Powers
    • A Non-Profit Corporation
    • Ordinances
    • Privileges
    • Membership
    • Officers
    The scriptures inspired.The Bible is the inspired Word of God, a revelation from God to man, the infallible rule of faith and conduct, and is superior to conscience and reason, but not contrary to...
    The one true God.The one true God has revealed himself as the eternally self-existent, self-revealed “I AM” and has further revealed Himself as embodying the principles of relationship and associat...
    Man, his fall and redemption.Man was created good and upright for God said, “Let Us make man in our image, after our likeness.” But man, by voluntary transgression, fell and his only hope of redemp...
    The salvation of man.

    (Insert name of church) For the purpose of establishing and maintaining a place for the worship of the one true God; to provide for Christian fellowship for those of like precious faith, irrespective of social position or worldly possessions; for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in home and foreign lands, this church shall be gove...

    That, we, the undersigned have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under the Laws of the State of (insert state), and we hereby certify:

    (Insert name of church) As stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the name of the corporate church shall be (insert name of church).

    THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH THIS CORPORATION IS FORMED ARE: 1. To establish a Biblical Christian Church with a School of the Bible department and with missionary, literature, educational and all other departments it may deem useful to propagate and practice the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and for its service to the community. 2. It is one purpo...

    This corporation is organized pursuant to the General Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of (insert your state); the property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to religious and charitable purposes, and upon liquidation, dissolution, or abandonment, shall not inure to the benefit of any private person except a fund, foundation, or co...

    (A) The ordinance of Baptism by immersion in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost as commanded in the Scriptures, shall be administered to all those who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ to the saving of their souls and who give clear evidence of their fruit (Matthew 28:19, Colossians 2:12). (B) The ordinance of the Lo...

    (C) Infants and small children may be dedicated to the Lord in the church upon the request of the parents or guardians (Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15, 16). (D) The ministration of laying on of hands accompanied with the anointing with oil, for the healing of the sick, shall be granted as a request is made and the need may require (Mark 16:18; James 5:1...

    Membership in (insert name of church) shall be eligible to all who give evidence to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and who voluntarily hold to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. When a person chooses to to be a part of (insert name of church) and involve themselves they are automatically considered a member (Ephesians 4:16). A ...

    The officers of (insert name of church) shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. The pastor shall be considered the President of the Corporation. There shall not be less than three (3) and no more than nine (9) officers (directors) at any time. The board of directors shall handle the business of the church and theref...

    • Dr. Gary Linton
    • Sexual abuse of a minor. Sexual abuse of a minor is a serious crime and if facts show that church leaders knew about the abuse and failed to stop it, they may have committed crimes as well.
    • Property disputes. One of the most complicated problems that may arise for a church that owns land is uncertainty about the land’s ownership. This can be especially true for churches that have a long history.
    • Personal injury. A church or religious organization that controls, owns, or possesses a property (such as a church’s ownership or control of the building where it holds meetings) owes a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent injury to visitors to the property.
    • Zoning. The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) prohibits zoning laws that discriminate against churches and other places of religious activities.
  4. Nearly every privilege enjoyed by churches and clergy under Federal, state and local law has been challenged in the courts under the First Amendments’ nonestablishment of religion clause. Many challenges have been successful. Churches and clergy suddenly find themselves subject to many laws and regulations that formerly had not applied.

  5. May 14, 2018 · Here is another consultation example from my past. The pastor of the church asked me to attend the monthly business meeting. He also asked me to listen for the word “bylaws” in the meeting. There were no further instructions. Within five minutes, two church members referred to the bylaws as reasons for inaction.

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