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  1. Once you find a church in your area, be sure to click on the website linked in their profile to explore any video, live stream or drive-in options they currently offer. If you are a church leader wanting to submit a live stream link or upload a sermon: Please click here to sign up and list your church and start uploading sermons. OR

  2. Finding a “Church Near me” can be a little daunting and although joining local organisations is one of the best ways to integrate into a new community, to find friends and like minded people.

  3. Emmaus Church is a non-denominational church near me! If including everyone makes our church different, we invite you to be different, too! Emmaus Church | 5605 Bush River Rd A Columbia SC 29212 | (803) 386-1340

  4. LifeWater Church is a Spirit Filled Church located in Mystic, Groton area. We are is a Non-Denominational Church. Come as you are. Churches near me.

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    • 1. Jesus Christ and His Church | The One True Church
    • Hymn: "In The Garden"
  5. Quaker Church Near Me: Find a church in your community!

    What is the Quaker Movement and How Did it Become a Church Near Me? The Quaker movement, also known as the Society of Friends, is a pacifist church movement born in the wake of the Protestant Reformation and amidst the Puritan Revolution in England. It wasn’t until 1650 that the name Quakers was officially associated with the Society of Friends.

  6. Church Near Me

    Church Near Me Our mission is to have a comprehensive listing of churches so that no matter where you are traveling to in Australia, or for what reason, you can find a church in which to worship. You can choose to search by denomination or location.

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  8. List of Mennonite Churches by state. Explore Mennonite Churches near me hours, locations, phone number and more.

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