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  1. You can find the expiry date in the top right corner of your permit. This date is usually the length of your study program, plus 90 days. The extra 90 days gives you time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada. If you want to keep studying . You need to extend your study permit. To extend your study permit, you need to know:

  2. The application processing times show how long it will take us to process your application for Canadian citizenship. If you think you have an emergency and won’t receive your citizenship in time, you may apply for urgent processing. We can only process citizenship applications urgently in special cases.

  3. Book Processing & Publishing. Our book processing system enables academic institutions to process manuscripts, track printing progress and management inventory seamlessly. It also supports independent writers & business at low costs. Our content distribution team will boost the sales of the electronic version of the books worldwide. Read more →

  4. Cornerstone OnDemand

  5. Processing times vary by country. You may need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) Opens in a new tab with your application. Processing time doesn’t include the time you need to give biometrics. Get details about visitor visa Opens in a new tab

  6. 24 months of authorized full-time live-in employment, or ; 3,900 hours of authorized full-time employment. You can complete these hours within a minimum of 22 months. When calculating your hours, you can also include up to 390 hours of overtime; and; The work experience must be acquired within four years of your date of arrival.

  7. FPGA Documentation Index This collection includes Device Overviews, Datasheets, Development User Guides, Application Notes, Release Notes, Errata and Packaging Information.

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