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  1. History of film - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_film

    5 days ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the history of film as an artistic medium. For the history of motion-picture technology, see History of film technology. Part of a series on

  2. Cinema of China - Wikipedia › wiki › Cinema_of_China

    6 days ago · Cinema of China. The cinema of mainland China is one of three distinct historical threads of Chinese-language cinema together with the cinema of Hong Kong and the cinema of Taiwan . Cinema was introduced in China in 1896 and the first Chinese film, Dingjun Mountain, was made in 1905. In the early decades the film industry was centered on Shanghai.

    • 2.98 per 100,000 (2016)
    • 41,179 (2016)
  3. Cinema of Iran - Wikipedia › wiki › Cinema_of_Iran

    5 days ago · Cinema of Iran. The Cinema of Iran ( Persian: سینمای ایران), also known as the Cinema of Persia, refers to the cinema and film industries in Iran which produce a variety of commercial films annually. Iranian art films have garnered international fame and now enjoy a global following.

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    • 596 (2018)
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  5. Motion picture content rating system - Wikipedia › wiki › Motion_picture_rating_system

    6 days ago · Motion picture content rating system. A motion picture content rating system is an organization designated to classify films based on their suitability for audiences due to their treatment of issues such as sex, violence, or substance abuse; their use of profanity; or other matters typically deemed unsuitable for children or adolescents. Most ...

  6. List of films based on DC Comics publications - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_films_based_on_DC

    5 days ago · Third film set in the universe of Batman Unlimited, a line of action figures. Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders: First animated film set in the universe of the 1960s Batman TV series. Limited theatrical release. 2017 Justice League Dark: Eighth film set in the DC Animated Movie Universe. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

  7. New Hollywood - Wikipedia › wiki › New_Hollywood

    6 days ago · New Hollywood, also referred to as the American New Wave or sometimes called the Hollywood Renaissance, refers to a movement in American film history from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, when a new generation of young filmmakers came to prominence in the United States. They influenced the types of film produced, their production and marketing ...

  8. List of Star Wars films - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Star_Wars_films

    5 days ago · Skywalker Saga. The main Star Wars film series is a trilogy of trilogies; as it neared completion, it began to be referred to as the "Skywalker Saga". It was released beginning with the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI, 1977–1983), followed by the prequel trilogy (Episodes I, II and III, 1999–2005) and the sequel trilogy (Episodes VII, VIII and IX, 2015–2019).

  9. Clint Eastwood filmography - Wikipedia › wiki › Clint_Eastwood_filmography

    4 days ago · Clint Eastwood filmography. Clint Eastwood is an American film actor, director, producer, and composer. He has appeared in over 60 films. His career has spanned 60 years and began with small uncredited film roles and television appearances. Eastwood has acted in multiple television series, including the eight-season series Rawhide (1959–1965).

  10. Best Date Night Ideas In Des Moines / Waukee › best-date-night-ideas-in-des-moines

    Feb 03, 2018 · It was established in 1948 in Des Moines, Iowa. Wikipedia Address: 4700 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312 Website: Phone: (515) 277-4405. Fleur Cinema & Cafe. Quaint cinema for art, indie & current films plus a cafe with beer & housemade snacks. Address: 4545 Fleur Dr, Des Moines, IA 50321 Website: Phone ...

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