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  1. Civil resistance - Wikipedia

    Civil resistance is a long-standing and widespread phenomenon in human history. Several works on civil resistance adopt a historical approach to the analysis of the subject. Cases of civil resistance, both successful and unsuccessful, include: Mohandas K. Gandhi's role in the Indian independence movement in 1917–47

  2. Resistance movement - Wikipedia

    Resistance during World War II was mainly dedicated to fighting the Axis occupiers. Germany itself also had an anti-Nazi German resistance movement in this period. Although the United Kingdom did not suffer invasion in World War II, preparations were made for a British resistance movement in the event of a German invasion (see Auxiliary Units).

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  4. Insurgency - Wikipedia

    There have been many cases of non-violent rebellions, using civil resistance, as in the People Power Revolution in the Philippines in the 1980s that ousted President Marcos. Where a revolt takes the form of armed rebellion, it may not be viewed as an insurgency if a state of belligerency exists between one or more sovereign states and rebel forces.

  5. Timeline of World War I | Britannica

    July 28, 1914 World War I begins when Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. August 1–28, 1914 Germany declares war on Russia, France, and Belgium.

  6. Civil Resistance Amid Civil War · Peace Science Digest

    On the question of which factors contributed to the success of civil resistance in Samaniego—including a drop from 63 to 24 homicides per year from 2003 to 2007—the authors argue that characteristics of the civil resistance movement and particular strategic choices made by the movement were crucial to stemming violence. The movement ...

  7. World War I - Forces and resources of the combatant nations ...

    World War I - World War I - Forces and resources of the combatant nations in 1914: When war broke out, the Allied powers possessed greater overall demographic, industrial, and military resources than the Central Powers and enjoyed easier access to the oceans for trade with neutral countries, particularly with the United States.

  8. World War 1: A Short Timeline Pre-1914

    Feb 23, 2018 · World War 1: A Short Timeline Pre-1914 Political Disputes and Secret Treaties Led to WWI

  9. Timeline of Josephine Baker's Career - ThoughtCo

    Aug 19, 2018 · The French Resistance . 1936: Baker works for the Red Cross during the French Occupation. She entertained troops in Africa and the Middle East. During this time, she smuggled messages for the French Resistance. When World War II ended, Baker earned the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honour, France’s highest military honors.

  10. History of Belarus - Wikipedia

    This article describes the history of Belarus.The Belarusian ethnos is traced at least as far in time as other East Slavs.. After an initial period of independent feudal consolidation, Belarusian lands were incorporated into the Kingdom of Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and eventually the Soviet Union.

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