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    Rules. The rules are identical to those of Scrabble, except that valid plays are only required to form anagrams of acceptable words; in other words, the letters in a word do not need to be placed in the correct order. If a word is challenged, the player who played the word must then name an acceptable word that anagrams to the tiles played.

  2. An Added Challenge. Clabbers is a game for people who love Scrabble. This is especially true for those who play the game competitively. These are the people who know the game inside and out. They have a vocabulary that would make any high school English teacher proud. These types of players want to make the most of their knowledge.

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    Clabbers. Clabbers is Scrabble without the restriction that you have to put the letters in each word down in the usual order. The only time the dictionary arrangement of the letters matters is when a dubious word is challenged, at which point the person who played the word must give a valid arrangement of the letters.

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