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    • Mozart: Clarinet Concerto. Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto has become one of the composer’s best-known works and is one of the best pieces of relaxing classical music.
    • Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending. Vaughan Williams’ masterpiece for solo violin and orchestra, The Lark Ascending, was inspired by the flight and song of the lark, as well as a poem of the same name by George Meredith which begins: “He rises and begins to round, / He drops the silver chain of sound.”
    • Chopin: Nocturne in C sharp minor. Chopin’s Nocturnes are real gems of the Romantic musical era. These piano miniatures conjure a sense of restfulness and calm – they’re the most sophisticated lullabies for adults.
    • Debussy: Clair de Lune. Debussy is often called an ‘impressionist’ composer – a label he didn’t much like, incidentally. But this piece shows how great Debussy was at painting a musical picture.
  1. Jan 27, 2023 · Stream songs including "Ambient Music For Sleep", "Asmr Sleep Relaxation" and more. Listen to Deep Sleep: Calming Piano Music for Sleep And Deep Relaxation by Renato Ferrari, Piano Music DEA Channel & Peaceful Piano Music DEA Channel on Apple Music.

  2. Jan 24, 2023 · Here are some of our favorite pieces of classical chamber music for your next event: -Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”: This beloved piece is perfect for setting a romantic mood. -Beethoven’s “String Quartet No. 1 in F Major”: This upbeat and energetic piece is great for adding excitement to any event.

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  4. Jan 9, 2023 · Classical Music. Classical music is often considered to be calming. The Journal of Music Therapy claims that Mozart’s 1787 composition, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, reduces psychological stress. In theory, this makes classical music ideal for sleeping. Tread carefully when listening to classical music overnight, though.

  5. Jan 26, 2023 · Please submit your requests online by Wednesday so we have time to schedule the music you have asked us to play. Saturday Evening Request Program for January 21, 2023 Thanks to everyone who submitted requests for this week’s Saturday Evening Request Program .

  6. Jan 18, 2023 · Another study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that listening to classical music before bed resulted in improved sleep quality, including longer sleep duration and less awake time ...

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