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    A member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Claudius was born to Drusus and Antonia Minor at Lugdunum in Roman Gaul, where his father was stationed as a military legate. He was the first Roman emperor to be born outside Italy. Nonetheless, Claudius was an Italic of Sabine origins.

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    Oct 18, 2011 · Claudius, or Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus (10 BCE - 54 CE), was Caligula's uncle (brother to Germanicus) and had always been thought of as being dimwitted (even his own mother agreed with this assessment) which is the reason why some believe he remained alive as long as he did.

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    CLAUDIUS ° ( Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus ), Roman emperor 41–54 C.E. Claudius was partly assisted in his accession to the throne by the diplomacy of *Agrippa I , whom he appointed as king of Judea, restoring all the lands ruled by his grandfather *Herod . After Agrippa's death, he reestablished the rule of the procurators ...

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    As Claudius narrates his life, we witness Augustus' attempts to find an heir, often foiled by his wife Livia who wants her son Tiberius to become emperor. We also see the conspiracy of Sejanus, the infamous reign of Caligula, and Claudius' own troubled period of rule. Written by Erika Grams <> Plot Summary | Add Synopsis

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    Nov 20, 2020 · From a Roman family name that was possibly derived from Latin claudus meaning "lame, crippled". This was the name of a patrician family prominent in Roman politics. The ancestor of the family was said to have been a 6th-century BC Sabine leader named Attius Clausus, who adopted the name Appius Claudius upon becoming a Roman citizen.

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    The old King Hamlet was apparently a stern warrior, but Claudius is a corrupt politician whose main weapon is his ability to manipulate others through his skillful use of language. Claudius’s speech is compared to poison being poured in the ear—the method he used to murder Hamlet’s father.

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    • His own family ridiculed his physical disabilities. Claudius struggled with various physical ailments including tremors of the head and hands, a limp, a runny nose and foaming at the mouth.
    • He entered politics relatively late in life. Claudius’ handicaps saw him repeatedly passed over for a chance at important public office. He was kept out of sight for most of his youth, and his royal relatives went out their way to place him far down the line of succession.
    • He was an accomplished historian. When he wasn’t distracting himself with drink and games of chance, Claudius spent long hours immersed in books and academic study.
    • The Praetorian Guard installed him as emperor. In A.D. 41, a cabal of Praetorian Guards—the sworn protectors of the Roman emperor—assassinated Caligula and brutally murdered his wife and child at the imperial palace.
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    • Rosie Lesso
    • When He Was Young, Emperor Claudius Was Ridiculed By His Family. Nephew to Emperor Tiberius and grandson of Mark Antony, Claudius was born with a number of physical ailments which included tremors, a limp, a runny nose and frothing at the mouth, which historians now think might have been a form of Cerebral Palsy.
    • He Was An Accomplished Historian. When he was denied access to a political career, Claudius immersed himself in books for long hours. His intellect greatly impressed the historian Livy, who suggested he become a writer.
    • Caligula Helped Claudius Move Into Politics. Unusually, Claudius’ arrogant nephew Caligula drew him into politics. In one of the few decent decisions he ever made, the young and inexperienced Caligula saw in the 46-year-old Claudius a wise mentor, and appointed him as a co-consul.
    • Claudius Bribed The Praetorian Guard. After witnessing the Praetorian Guard’s uprising against Caligula, Claudius recognized the power they truly had over Rome.
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    Claudius Ptolemy (/ ˈ t ɒ l ə m i /; Koinē Greek: Κλαύδιος Πτολεμαῖος, Klaúdios Ptolemaîos, [ˈklaw.di.os pto.lɛˈmɛ.os]; Latin: Claudius Ptolemaeus; c. 100 – c. 170 AD) was a mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, geographer and astrologer who wrote several scientific treatises, three of which were of importance to later Byzantine, Islamic and Western ...

    • c. 170 (aged 69–70) AD, Alexandria, Egypt, Roman Empire
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