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  1. Mar 14, 2023 · The Ader Éole airplane is considered by many as the first powered aircraft in history. Designed by the French engineer Clément Ader, it was first tested on O...

    • Mar 14, 2023
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  2. Dec 3, 2014 · Vol de l'Eole de Clément Ader (1890) - YouTube Extrait de mon dessin animé sur Clément Ader, l'inventeur du mot "avion", qui serait le premier homme à avoir volé dans un plus lourd que...

    • Dec 3, 2014
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    The Ader Éole, also called Avion (French for aeroplane ), was an early steam -powered aircraft developed by Clément Ader in the 1890s and named after the Greco-Roman wind god Aeolus. [1] Design and development

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    • Inspired by Bats
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    This flight leads some to consider Eole as the first-ever aeroplane. However, others don’t share this view, arguing that the machine, despite carrying a man and having risen above the ground with its own power (steam), didn’t provide any means for the pilot to control the direction of the flight. Whatever the opinion one may have, one cannot deny t...

    Developed between 1882 and 1889, Eole was named after the Greek God of the Winds, Aeolus. Like a giant bat, it had two wings of 14 meters each that could be articulated by a wooden structure covered by silk. The pilot was situated at the back of the aircraft. Contrary to many early flying machines, Eole was not designed to flap its wings, but was p...

    In the following years Ader developed and improved Eole Avion I by building Zéphyr and Aquilon. The three machines are called Avion from the Latin word avis (bird), which became the French word for airplane. Eole’s flight in 1890 drew the interest of the French army, which ordered a more powerful aircraft, thus leading to the construction of Zéphyr...

    Ader in 1891 An engineer by education, Clément Ader (1841–1925) enjoyed a long and eventful life. Beside the heavier-than-air aircraft Avion, for which he is mainly known for, he made several (sometimes surprising) inventions in various fields. To name a few: he invented a telephonic distribution system called Théâtrophone, allowing subscribers to ...

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