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  1. Dec 18, 2019 · 6 Benefits of a Clergy Sabbatical 1. Rewards Faithful Service Going into ministry is anything but easy and those who faithfully serve a congregation can find it very rewarding to be recognized with a sabbatical leave. This type of church employee benefit not only refreshes pastors but gives them something to work toward and look forward to. 2.

  2. 8.11 Sabbatical Leave for Full-Time Clergy. 8.11.1 Policy. a. A sabbatical leave is understood to be a time of release from normal duties in order that a pastor may devote time to renewal and study. No pastor is obligated to take a sabbatical leave. b.

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  4. Sabbatical leave is a carefully planned period of time, usually three months after the first seven years service to a congregation, in which the clergy is granted leave away from normal duties in order to spend an extended period of time in study, reflection, and renewal.

  5. The clergy person shall have served for at least five years in the current congregation. Sabbatical leave is available to be taken after five years of service and should be taken after no more than seven years of service in the current congregation. No more than 14 weeks of paid sabbatical leave may be accrued. 2.

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  6. Sabbatical Leave for Clergy Policy A. Purpose Sabbatical leave is a period away from parochial / congregational responsibilities, normally of two to three months duration. The fundamental purpose of a sabbatical is to have a time for rest, renewal and re-creation so as to return refreshed in one’s ministry. It is not simply the same as ...

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  7. The pastor and members of the Sabbatical Committee will create a written sabbatical plan at least six months in advance of the requested sabbatical. This proposal should address the following: 1. Personal objectives. 2. Program objectives. 3. A description of the major elements of the experience. 4 Proposed beginning and end date. 5.

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