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  1. Clergy - Wikipedia

    Clergy are formal leaders within established religions. Their roles and functions vary in different religious traditions, but usually involve presiding over specific rituals and teaching their religion's doctrines and practices. Some of the terms used for individual clergy are clergyman, clergywoman, and churchman.

  2. Clerical celibacy - Wikipedia

    Further, a number of bishops are widowers, but because clergy cannot remarry after ordination, such a man must remain celibate after the death of his wife. The Holy See's 1929 decree Cum data fuerit , forbidding priestly ordination and ministry of married men in certain diaspora areas outside the home territories of the Eastern Catholic ...

  3. Clerical marriage - Wikipedia

    Clerical marriage is a term used to describe the practice of allowing Christian clergy to marry. This practice is distinct from allowing married persons to become clergy. Clerical marriage is admitted among Protestants, including both Anglicans and Lutherans. Many Eastern Churches, while allowing married men to be ordained, do not allow clerical marriage after ordination: their parish priests are often married, but must marry before being ordained to the priesthood. The Catholic Church also forb

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  5. Katharina von Bora - Wikipedia

    Katharina von Bora (German: [kataˈʁiːna fɔn ˈbɔʁa]; 29 January 1499 – 20 December 1552), after her wedding Katharina Luther, also referred to as "die Lutherin" ("the Lutheress"), was the wife of Martin Luther, German reformer and a seminal figure of the Protestant Reformation.

  6. Secular clergy - Wikipedia

    The secular clergy are sometimes referred to as "white clergy", black being the customary colour worn by monks. Traditionally, parish priests are expected to be secular clergy rather than monastics, as the support of a wife is considered necessary for a priest living "in the world".

  7. Western Ukrainian clergy - Wikipedia

    Priestly income also paid for their daughters' dowries, clothing for the wife to wear in society, buying and repairing carriages, and investments for the farm. [7] Reflecting the clergy's role as community leaders and organizers, family life usually centered not on religion but on political and social questions.

  8. List of children of clergy - Wikipedia

    List of noted children of clergy is a list concerned with individuals whose status as a child of a cleric is important, preferably critical, to their fame or significance. Contents 1 Western religions

  9. Minister (Christianity) - Wikipedia

    Related titles and types of Christian ministries Bishops, priests, and deacons. The Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian/Reformed, and some Methodist churches have applied the formal, church-based leadership or an ordained clergy in matters of either the church or broader political and sociocultural import.

  10. Peter Marshall (preacher) - Wikipedia

    Peter J. Marshall followed his father into the Presbyterian clergy and ran a national ministry, Peter Marshall Ministries, from Orleans, Massachusetts. He wrote many books on the Christian faith in the United States. Later career. In 1937 Marshall became pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC. In 1946 he was ...

  11. LGBT clergy in Christianity - Wikipedia

    The ordination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) clergy who are open about their sexuality (or gender identity if transgender), are sexually active if lesbian, gay, or bisexual, or are in committed same-sex relationships is a debated practice within some contemporary Christian Church communities.

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