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  1. Claude Duty. Production Unité Cinéma de Normandie. Script Claude Duty. Camera Joseph Guérin. ... Film présent au Marché Video On Demand : visible à la vidéothèque

  2. Claude Duty. Production Arane Production, Olivier Brunet (Dreambox) Script Claude Duty. Camera Jean-René Failliot. ... Search a short film. Country of Production

  3. Shown at the Festival Awards. La Pucelle des zincs Claude Duty, ... Claude Duty. Camera. Sound engineer Roland Lebreton. ... Film présent au Marché

  4. Would the solution of one of the greatest enigmas of all time be hidden in an innocent statue by Jérôme du Quesnay? Credits. Director Claude Duty. ... Film présent ...

  5. Exotic film scraping. Credits. Director Claude Duty. Production L'Oeil en Boîte. Script Claude Duty. Camera Claude Duty, Jean-Pierre Le Cozic. Sound engineer Jean ...

  6. Festival Archives: Shown at the Festival Awards. ... Claude Duty. Production Eric Mahé (Stellaire Productions) ... Film présent au Marché

  7. A young girl, a farmer, and a mystic living the passion of Christ punctuate the relationship between Marc and Bruno, interns of a religious institute.

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