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  1. Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure video game series created by Hifumi Kono. The series includes four games in total. The first entry, Clock Tower (1995), was developed by Human Entertainment and released on the Super Famicom exclusively in Japan.

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    The player controls a cursor to direct and give commands, such as investigating objects, to a character. The interface is akin to point-and-click adventure games, but simplified to work better with a gamepad. The cursor color symbolizes the character's panic. Scissorman occasionally pursues the player; this delays puzzle solving and requires the player to run in order to find objects or hiding places to fend off or avoid him. The game is separated into three scenarios, including a prologue, where the main character for the rest of the game is decided. In the prologue, the player controls character Samuel Barton. In the first scenario, the player either plays as character Jennifer Simpson or Helen Maxwell. The playable character for the second scenario can either be Nolan, Stan, or Helen. Between each scenario, there is an intermission, where the player can explore the town and gather clues using a "world map", before moving on to the next level. The Japanese version of the game cont...

    Alternate Costume: Beat the game with both characters and at the first menu of the game, press Start with the second controller to change costumes.

    A demo for the game was distributed in Japan around the same time as the game's release. Subtitled, "The Door of the Fear," the demo disc contained a promotional video with scenes from an earlier version of the intro movie, as well as a message from film critic Nagaharu Yodogawa two years before his passing in 1998. Two of the same discs were printed with different SLPM numbers, 80062 & 80063 The demo itself is a 10-minute demo of the last scenario at the Barrows Castle. You play as Jennifer and the events play out similarly to the final version, aside from the scene starting with Jennifer already up instead of confronted by Scissorman. Gotts has no textures, the torture room looks unfinished, and some of the rooms of the Barrows Castle are unclickable, making it impossible to complete the demo. The music is also different from the final version of the game. Voice files of Jennifer interacting with Helen, Beth, Tim & Barton exist in the demo discs' files, but go unused in the demo i...

    The game received positive reviews from various publications at the time of its release. Around this time, it was viewed by many to be one of the scariest games of all time, some calling Scissorman the "Michael Myers Of Video Games". However, as time goes on, the fear level of Clock Towerhas been arguably eclipsed by many other titles. Some reviews praised the game for its atmosphere, its interactive story which adds replayability, and tense gameplay. However, the only complaint that IGNand GameSpot had for the game was its heavy dialogue portions when characters in the game interact with one another and when the character is observing objects. It is also noted that many aspects of the game haven't aged well, such as its early 3D blocky low-polygon graphics, interface and some of its voice acting.

    The game is widescreen hack compatible via emulation.
    At first, the developers of the game weren't very interested in creating a sequel to The First Fear, but the change in hardware combined with the use of 3D polygons, which symbolized cutting-edge t...
    According to Hifumi Kono, "For me, the Jennifer path is the real story! But to understand Prof. Barton's story, the Helen path is important too. So to me, it's really looking at multiple sides of a...
  2. Clock Tower is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Human Entertainment for the Super Famicom in 1995. It is the first installment in the Clock Tower series. The story follows orphan Jennifer Simpson soon after she is adopted by the Barrows family along with other orphaned girls.

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  3. Clock Tower combines a point-and-click, 3D interface with some of the toughest puzzles since Myst for an interactive quest littered with twists and turns. Even if you do make it through many of the game's situations, you still must avoid the blades of the Scissorman, who is out to hack you up.

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  4. Clock Tower is an excellent horror adventure game for the Super Nintendo that is actually scary. What it lacks in difficulty leve and length, it more than makes up for in sheer atmosphere - something that is very hard to do in horror games.

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  5. NightCry (previously known as Project Scissors) is a survival horror game and Clock Tower spiritual successor developed by Nude Maker for PC to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clock Tower: The First Fear. The PC version was released on March 29, 2016 and it is available on Steam.

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