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    Clock Tower. This quest has a quick guide found here. It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest. The Old School RuneScape Wiki defaults to the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc. This may be changed by clicking the moon icon at the top right of the site.

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  2. Sep 01, 2017 · Head northeast from the Clock Tower to find Brother Cedric near the Zoo and climb down the ladder just north of him. Once down the ladder, follow the passage and go through the door at the end to enter the room with the Blue Cog and pick it up. Head back to the tower, climb up to the second floor and use the cog on the blue spindle. White Cog

  3. Talk to Brother Kojo at the Clock Tower just south-west of the Ardougne Zoo. He will tell you that the clock is broken and that you need to find four different coloured cogs from the dungeon beneath the tower to fix it. Go down the ladder in the room to the south. Then head through the passage to the north-east until you see four large coloured tiles on the floor. These tiles will indicate ...

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    • The ability to run past level 53 Ogres
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    No record in the city of Ardougne has recorded the creation or purpose of the Clock Tower. It may have been that the King at the time wanted to expand Ardougne, to cover up the dungeon beneath or for cosmetic purposes. In the Year 169, Brother Kojo becomes manager of the Tower, and the monsters below steal the cogs to run the tower for reasons unknown. An Adventurer finds Kojo and agrees to help. After locating the cogs the monsters took, the player repairs the Tower.

    The quickest way to get to the clock tower is to use the spirit tree teleportation system and go to 'Battlefield of Khazard', which lands you slightly north-west of the clocktower as can be seen in the above image.

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    Talk to Brother Kojo at the Clock Tower, just south-west of the Ardougne Zoo. He informs you that the clock is broken and that four different coloured cogs are needed from the dungeon below the tower to fix it. Climb down the ladder in the south-western area of the room. Go up the passage to the north-east until you see four large coloured tiles on the floor. These tiles will indicate where the corresponding coloured cogs are. Only one cog can be carried at a time, so fix each cog onto its spindle before going for the next.

    Head through the door closest to the black tile, which should be the north-east door. Walk through the doors and go as far east as you can until you see several giant spiders. You'll see a black cog surrounded by some short walls of fire; use your bucket/jug/bowl of water to cool down the cog. If you have ice gloves, you can directly pick it up without dousing it with water. After getting the cog, go back to the ladder where you first entered, but don't climb quite yet. You should see 4 spindles near the ladder; use the cog on the black spindle pointing east.

    From the central chamber head past the south-east door, closest to the red tile, and down the passageway until you see some level 67 ogres and the red cog. The ogres have low accuracy, so you can quickly run and pick it up. Go back up the ladder where you came in from and use the cog on the red spindle on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US].

    The blue cog is locked inside a cell with a dungeon rat; you need to find a way to get at it. Climb back up to the surface and head to the southern zoo boundary, where you'll notice a ladder south of the camel cage, just outside of the Ardougne Zoo. Go down the ladder and follow the long, winding passage until it ends at a wall. Push the wall to get inside and pick up the blue cog. To save time, climb up the ladder that's already there and you'll find yourself south of the clock tower. Back inside the tower, climb up the stairs and use the cog on the blue spindle on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US].

    Head into the north-west door in the central chamber, closest to the white tile and follow the outer passageway first until you find some rat poison. Pick the poison up and head back around to the passage that goes north-east. You should pass by 2 levers attached to a metal cage filled with dungeon rats. Pull them both up to open the cage. Pass the gates into the cage, and use the rat poison with the food trough; the vermin will eat the poisoned food and begin to die. Wait until they're all dead, and you'll find that the gate to the west has become unhinged due to the constant collision of the panicking rats. Go through the gate, pick up the white cogand use the ladder nearby to end up outside of the clock tower. Climb to the topmost floor and use the white cog with the corresponding spindle. Once you've placed all of the cogs in their corresponding spindles, go back to Brother Kojo, who rewards you for your efforts.

    1 quest point
    500 coins
    2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice (Ironmanaccounts will not receive these)

    Attemping to pickup a cog while having another cog in your inventory will result with the message "The cogs are too heavy to carry more than one at a time". However, each cog only weighs for 1 kg.

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    • 17 June 2002 ( Update )
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    The dungeon is divided into three zones. The zones look interconnected on the map, and even in the dungeon itself you can occasionally see from one zone into another through walls of iron bars. The zones, however, are completely separate. To pass between zones, the player must exit the dungeon and travel on the surface world to the entrance of the next zone. The dungeon map colour-codes the zones for clarity. On the minimap in RuneScape, the zones are not visually separate, making it hard to distinguish them. This can making navigating the dungeon confusing and likely is an intentional feature of the Clock Towerquest. Despite its large size, the dungeon is rarely used except for players on the Clock Tower and Monk's Friendquests. It contains no special monsters or treasure worth collection. Players could train on the monsters here, but there are plenty of monsters to train on in more accessible locations.

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