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  1. Evangelicalism - Wikipedia › wiki › Evangelicalism

    9 hours ago · Evangelicalism (/ ˌ iː v æ n ˈ dʒ ɛ l ɪ k əl ɪ z əm, ˌ ɛ v æ n-,-ə n /), evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus Christ’s atonement.

  2. Myanmar - Wikipedia › wiki › Myanmar

    1 day ago · in ASEAN (dark grey) – [Legend] Capital Naypyidaw [a] Largest city Yangon [b] Official languages Burmese Recognised regional languages Kachin Kayah Karen Chin Mon Rakhine Shan Official script Burmese script Ethnic groups (2018) 68% Bamar 9% Shan 7% Karen 4% Rakhine 3% Chinese 2% Indians 2% Mon 5% others Religion 87.9% Buddhism 6.2% Christianity 4.3% Islam 1.6% Others Demonym(s) Burmese ...

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  4. Kirsten Gillibrand - Wikipedia › wiki › Kirsten_Gillibrand

    9 hours ago · Kirsten Elizabeth Gillibrand (née Rutnik; / ˈ k ɪər s t ən ˈ dʒ ɪ l ɪ b r æ n d / KEER-stən JIL-i-brand; born December 9, 1966) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from New York since 2009.

  5. Ted Stevens - Wikipedia › wiki › Ted_Stevens

    9 hours ago · Theodore Fulton Stevens Sr. (November 18, 1923 – August 9, 2010) was an American politician who served as a United States Senator from Alaska from 1968 to 2009. He was the longest-serving Republican U.S. Senator in history at the time he left office; his record was surpassed in January 2017 by Orrin Hatch from Utah.

  6. 2015 in Philippine television - Wikipedia › wiki › 2015_in_Philippine_television

    9 hours ago · The following is a list of events affecting Philippine television in 2015.Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel launches, closures and rebrandings, as well as information about controversies and carriage disputes.

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