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  1. Coco Mademoiselle Is Ready For Summer With L’Eau ~ Fragrance ... › news › Coco-Mademoiselle-Is

    May 24, 2021 · Chanel decided to celebrate the summertime with a collection specially designed for sunny days. They chose to create a shower gel for body and hair, but also L’Eau, a fragrant water as light as a perfume mist, to enrich the range of Coco Mademoiselle. It's a fairly faithful variation that could go by 'Coco Mademoiselle Light,' since from the ...

  2. YSL Libre vs. Coco Mademoiselle | › ysl-libre-vs-coco-mademoiselle
    • Opening
    • Projection
    • Longevity
    • Versatility
    • Overall Scent

    Coco Mademoiselle opens up with a bold blend of orange and neroli, along with a solid amount of the patchouli note. That’s the very opening phase, that is joined in rapid succession by the other floral notes. In this case, it’s mostly jasmine, but a bit of rose starts peaking through too. Libre opts to go with the orange blossom and a lighter use of actual citrus fruits. This YSL starts out with a soapier aroma and a bit of creaminess. Lavender is the major player and there is more musk, as things move along. Which do I like better? While Libre is pretty nice in the beginning, I still prefer the Chanelto the newer release. It stands out strong and brings a beautiful warmth that only develops further. Edge: Mademoiselle

    No worries, as either one of these fragrances will bring the power. So, unless you need an absolute bomb, it probably won’t be the deciding factor. Libre is in the upper end of the moderate range, if not the lower end of the definitively strong end of the spectrum. It brings it. However, Coco Mademoiselle has a better ability to project, in my experience. It’s not a massive difference, but it is noticeable. Edge: Coco Mademoiselle

    Again, this is another category where Libre is no slouch, but comes up short in comparison. 8-9 hours is what it seems to go, on my skin. Very good and not much to complain about. Coco Mademoiselle lasts at least 10 hours for me. It can tack on hours even beyond that. Edge: Mademoiselle

    To me, they’re pretty evenly split. Both the Chanel and YSL scent can work in a variety of climates, if you’re avoiding the height of summer. Also, they can fit into a casual daily wear, work, or even out on the town for an evening. Though, they’re not specifically nighttime scents. Very versatile and great options for a perfume that can do almost anything. Edge: Push

    I think that Libre is a nice perfume, that definitely has its strengths, and will be a good option for many women. It’s not too complex, mostly its going to be about the lavender and orange blossom, which may or not be a selling point for you personally. If you’re a bigtime lavender fan, it might be the one to go with here. For me, Coco Mademoiselle is a classic and still has its charm after two decades. Not only does it have better performance, I also think that it just smells better. I enjoy the opening act more, the floral notes are more appealing to my nose, and I like the way that vanilla and musk is used in this composition versus Libre EDP. Winner: Coco Mademoiselle

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  4. Top 10 French Perfumes For Women - STYLECRAZE › articles › top10-french

    Jun 01, 2021 · Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: No products found. A women’s fragrance within the Chanel assortment was coco Bairdiellachrysoura. It was introduced in the year 2001 for the younger fans of Chanel. This fragrance was created by Jacques Polge.

  5. The Bridal Perfumes That Team Grazia Wore On Their Wedding ... › beauty-hair › skin

    Jun 03, 2021 · Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £113 for 100ml Chanel's other mighty perfume power player is Mademoiselle – a oriental that made fragrant waves for its 'surprising' freshness. Think a citrus orange starter, floral main and vetiver-meet-patchouli dessert.

    • Emma Stoddart
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    Jun 02, 2021 · Chanel N°5 is a timeless, iconic fragrance, earning its spot at the top of our best perfume list. It was created in 1921 and differed from other perfumes at the time due to its unique structure ...

  7. Best perfume dupes 2021: Cheap fragrances from Zara ... › extras › indybest

    May 25, 2021 · Dupe of: Chanel coco mademoiselle. It’s not just champagne that this budget German supermarket excels at – they can knock out a few decent scents too (providing you’re not after anything ...

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