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  1. A Genetics Definition of Heterozygous - ThoughtCo › heterozygous-definition-373468

    Nov 28, 2019 · The result in the heterozygous genotype (Rr) is a phenotype that is a mixture of red and white, or pink. Codominance: Both of the heterozygous alleles are fully expressed in the phenotype. An example of codominance is AB blood type inheritance. The A and B alleles are expressed fully and equally in the phenotype and are said to be codominant.

  2. Phenotype - definition of phenotype by The Free Dictionary › phenotype

    Define phenotype. phenotype synonyms, phenotype pronunciation, phenotype translation, English dictionary definition of phenotype. n. 1. a. The observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental influences. b.

  3. Allele - Definition and Examples - Biology Online Dictionary › dictionary › allele

    Mar 01, 2021 · Allele Definition. What are alleles? An allele is a term coined to describe a specific copy of a gene.Genes, the DNA sequences controlling our traits, are usually found in two copies in Eukaryotic genomes; each copy (allele) is inherited from one parent.

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