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  1. Paracetamol - Wikipedia › wiki › Paracetamol

    1 day ago · Paracetamol is used for the relief of mild to moderate pain such as headache, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, toothache as well as pain caused by cold, flu, sprains, and dysmenorrhea. It is recommended, in particular, for acute mild to moderate pain, since the evidence for the treatment of chronic pain is insufficient.

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  2. Headache - Wikipedia › wiki › Headache

    13 hours ago · Causes of headaches may include dehydration, fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, the effects of medications, the effects of recreational drugs, viral infections, loud noises, common colds, head injury, rapid ingestion of a very cold food or beverage, and dental or sinus issues (such as sinusitis).

  3. Menstruation - Wikipedia › wiki › Menstruation

    1 day ago · Secondary dysmenorrhea is the diagnosis given when menstruation pain is a secondary cause to another disorder. Conditions causing secondary dysmenorrhea include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and uterine adenomyosis. Rarely, congenital malformations, intrauterine devices, certain cancers, and pelvic infections cause secondary dysmenorrhea.

  4. Life - Wikipedia › wiki › Life

    1 day ago · Deinococcus radiodurans is an extremophile that can resist extremes of cold, dehydration, vacuum, acid, and radiation exposure. The inert components of an ecosystem are the physical and chemical factors necessary for life—energy (sunlight or chemical energy ), water, heat, atmosphere , gravity , nutrients , and ultraviolet solar radiation ...

  5. Medical prescription - Wikipedia › wiki › Medical_prescription

    13 hours ago · Doctors' handwriting is a reference to the stereotypically illegible handwriting of some medical practitioners, which sometimes causes errors in dispensing. In the US, illegible handwriting has been indirectly responsible for at least 7,000 deaths annually. There are several theories about the causes of this phenomenon.

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