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  1. College Basics College Classes College Classes College courses take place in different settings and come in various sizes, and chances are you’ll experience many of them. Learn about the types of courses you may take.

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  3. Here’s an overview of college course types. Lecture This is a large class held in a lecture hall, a theater-like room that may seat hundreds of students. The professor talks for the entire class while students take notes. Lecture classes are common in first-year courses. Students in these classes may also attend a related discussion class.

    • Film History. If you’re imagining that you’ll be sitting in a theatre and watching films all the time, then you’re only somewhat wrong. There’s no doubt that you’ll be tasked with watching films in film history, but you’ll go deeper than what meets the eye.
    • Creative Writing. There are infinite ways to tell a story. Creative writing classes will help you to unleash the power of storytelling and the art of writing.
    • Physical Education. Boost your GPA and get a workout? Sign up by enrolling in a physical education class. College P.E. classes aren’t like the ones you’re used to from high school.
    • Psychology. If you’re interested in understanding more about how people think, then psychology is a great elective course for you. It may even spark an unknown passion and lead you to major in the field!
    • Business. Our affordable business courses help develop critical business skills necessary for success in today's global business environment with online courses in business management, business strategy, entrepreneurship, economics, and accounting.
    • English. Would you rather take College English Composition in an auditorium with hundreds of other students, or would you rather hone your writing skills in the comfort of your own home, 100% online at your own speed, and at an affordable price?
    • Health Science. StraighterLine offers a variety of convenient self-paced online courses that can help you get your degree in nursing or start your career in health care.
    • Humanities. Our affordable humanities classes help students develop the writing and critical thinking skills necessary for success in today’s workplace.
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