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  1. Colonial families were large, and these small dwellings had much activity and there was little privacy. By the middle of the 18th century, New England's population had grown dramatically, going from about 100,000 people in 1700 to 250,000 in 1725 and 375,000 in 1750 thanks to high birth rates and relatively high overall life expectancy.

  2. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first-person shooter based on the Alien science fiction horror film series. The game's campaign mode, which can be played by a single player or cooperatively by up to four players, features 11 missions that involve players moving from one checkpoint to another while fighting opponents controlled by the game's artificial intelligence.

  3. Mar 07, 2022 · Beginning of the end. The ANC would not recover from the November 2021 local government poll, in which the party dipped to 45% of the national poll from the highs of 69% in the 2004 elections.

  4. Our critics review new novels, stories and translations from around the world

  5. People would pay a premium for my "2 years experience" instead of hire new grads. Tuition has risen about the same as the pay for the job I worked in college. I will admit it was a decent job as "un-degreed college job" goes. It was a job that several folks were making a career of (~$15-20/hour in mid-2000s).

  6. The net social gain from the output reduction to 80 depends on the amount paid by the nurses to the factory. $4,000 is the maximum the nurses would pay (the sum of area A and area B). The minimum acceptable payment is area A. The net social gain is the difference between the nurses’ reduction in the noise cost and the loss of profit for the ...

  7. May 19, 2022 · A New Old Play. NYT Critic’s Pick; Biography, History; Directed by ; Qiu Jiongjiong; Qiu Jiongjiong’s absurdist epic of 20th century China is both a movie and a play, both tragedy and farce.

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