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  1. Colonial families were large, and these small dwellings had much activity and there was little privacy. By the middle of the 18th century, New England's population had grown dramatically, going from about 100,000 people in 1700 to 250,000 in 1725 and 375,000 in 1750 thanks to high birth rates and relatively high overall life expectancy.

  2. The slice-of-life battle story is set in a future that has neither World War III nor an alien invasion—just an ordinary future set after our current age. In this world, robots are part of everyday life, and they contribute in various aspects of society. "Shinki" are 15-centimeter-tall (about 6-inch-tall) cute partners made to assist humans.

  3. Following a catastrophic war against a race of giants known as the Zentradi, humanity has escaped towards the center of the galaxy aboard a fleet of colonial vessels called the Macross Frontier. As the extraterrestrial threat is left further and further behind, life on Macross Frontier proceeds as usual.

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    The Dutch colonial empire (Dutch: Nederlandse koloniale rijk) comprised the overseas territories and trading posts controlled and administered by Dutch chartered companies—mainly the Dutch West India Company and the Dutch East India Company—and subsequently by the Dutch Republic (1581–1795), and by the modern Kingdom of the Netherlands after 1815.

  5. Feb 20, 2013 · According to 20th Century Fox and Gearbox, Aliens: Colonial Marines is part of the official Alien series canon. That means the disastrously bad shooter, which takes place shortly after the end of 1986's Aliens, has ramifications on 1992's Alien 3 and 1997's Alien Resurrection (which didn't do the lore any favors either).

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  7. Dec 16, 2021 · The lady only makes public and social media appearances alongside her family members. Here are ten interesting facts about her life: 1. Her early life, family, and age. Holly Bankemper's age is 57 years in 2021, for she was born on 23rd November 1964 in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA. Holly has a brother and a sister, and their parents are still alive.

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