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  1. Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as Adventure or ADVENT) is a text-based adventure game, released in 1976 by developer Will Crowther for the PDP-10 mainframe computer. It was expanded upon in 1977 by Don Woods. In the game, the player explores a cave system rumored to be filled with treasure and gold.

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  3. Colossal Cave is a reimagining of the original text-based adventure game, first introduced in 1975 by Will Crowther and Don Woods, as a fully immersive 3D VR experience. Colossal Cave is already well known to tens of millions of gamers worldwide.

  4. Colossal Cave Adventure brings to Windows the game that started it all - the game that pioneered the computer adventure game genre. While there were other text based computer games before Adventure like STARTREK (incidentally our first release - Star Trek Classic), this was the first text based "interactive fiction" game.

  5. Colossal Cave Mountain Park is open daily from 8am-4pm! Come join us for a classic cave tour from 10am-3pm, or spend a night under the stars at our campground. Our Cafe and Gift Shop is open from 10am-3pm and has grab-n-go food options as well. For cave tours, make sure to make an online reservation. Hope to see you soon!

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  7. Son Doong's caverns can comfortably fit a 747 airplane. Explore them with these unbelievable 360° panoramas.

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