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  1. Every year, the SSA rounds up the 1,000 most popular baby girl and boy names. The list below references SSA data from 2023. Here, browse the list of the top baby boy names for inspiration (or to see if your little one's name made the list!).

  2. The 100 most common names for males in the US in the past century are James at the top of the list, followed by John, Robert, Michael, and William. This list is ordered by their current popularity on Nameberry.

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    The SSA released its list of the most popular names of 2022, and these are the names used most often: 1. Liam 2. Noah 3. Oliver 4. James 5. Elijah 6. William 7. Henry 8. Lucas 9. Benjamin 10. Theodore They should look pretty familiar — they're all the same names from the year before. James jumped ahead of Elijah, and the bottom of the list scramble...

    In addition to keeping track of the most-often-used names, the SSA also looks at which names took the biggest leaps in popularity. These names are rising fastest through the ranks: 1. Dutton 2. Kayce 3. Chosen 4. Khaza 5. Eithan 6. Waylen 7. Asaiah 8. Kaizen 9. Zen 10. Kylian 11. Ezrah 12. Eren 13. Amiri 14. Jrue 15. Kolson 16. Kanan 17. Colter 18....

    What about the trends that are so new, they haven't shown up on the SSA list yet? "For boys, we've been moving away from the patrilineal traditionally masculine names for at least a generation, though James and William are hanging on tight and Henry is even rising through the ranks," says Pamela Redmond, CEO of Nameberry, a baby-naming site that ke...

    Has the pandemic made everyone feel cooped up? Boy names are looking more and more to the great outdoors. Both Nameberry and BabyCenter, which also keeps track of the baby names its users pick, have found an uptick in names that feel at home in the wilderness, like Forest (or Forrest), River, Everest, Ocean, Reef and Woods. Maybe it's time to plan ...

    What do Zooey Deschanel, Kylie Jenner, Lauren Conrad, rapper Eve and Jason Momoa all have in common? They all named their sons Wolf, though often it was a middle name (and Jenner changed her son's name to Aire). And Wolf isn't the only animal in the pack. Look for Fox, Bear, Falcon, Lynx and Tigerto show up in the future.

    Royal, Loyal and Chosen— these sound like good qualities to have in a son. No wonder why they make good baby names. At the moment, Royal is No. 370 on the SSA list, Loyal is 702 and Chosen just hit the list for the first time this year at 898.

    Max has been a mainstay on the list for a while, and currently sits at 156th place. But joining it is Maxwell (No. 173), Maximiliano (No. 268), Maximus (No. 270), Maximilian (No. 566), Maximo (No. 661) and Maxton (No. 964) — plus Maxinefor the girls (No. 614). It seems like maximalists really like the going to the Max!

    A name that just squeaked onto the SSA list? Neo, a moniker familiar to any fan of The Matrix movies. It moved up just a tad in rank this year, from No. 979 to No. 947. (Keanuhas been bouncing on and off the list since the year 2000, but it's been a steady presence since 2016, this year at No. 592.) Star Wars fans have also claimed spots on the lis...

    Babbel went through the records and found boy names that have gone "extinct," meaning they were once in the top 100 most popular names in 1923, but now fail to make the top 1,000. If you're looking for an unusual name, these are some to consider: Arnold, Bernard, Cecil, Chester, Clarence, Clifford, Dale, Earl, Glenn, Lester, Lloyd, Milton, Norman, ...

    There's been a rise in unisex and gender-neutral names for a while now, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. But both Nameberry and BabyCenter also see that parents don't care if a name is traditionally a boys' name, a unisex name or girl's name. If they like it, they're going for it. BabyCenter has seen names like Tatum, Finley and Eden — usu...

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  3. Oct 18, 2023 · If you're looking for popular baby boy names, we’ve created a list of the top 1,000 boy names in the U.S. from the past year to give you some inspiration.

  4. May 10, 2024 · There are many choices when it comes to naming your baby boy. Here is what the current U.S. birth certificate data revealed for the top 1,000 boy names.

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  6. May 11, 2024 · The top 1000 baby names in 2023 feature Liam as the Number 1 boys' name in the US for the seventh year in a row. Along with Liam, names ranking among the Top 10 boy names in the US in 2023 are Noah, Oliver, Elijah, James, Mateo, Theodore, Lucas, Henry, and William.

  7. Feb 10, 2024 · Popular boy names 2024 feature the top 2000 baby boy names trending on Nameberry right now. Updated monthly, our exclusive list gives you an (almost) real-time look at the boy names that are most popular among our visitors and most likely to be the top boy names of the future.

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