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    • 1. a tropical marine mollusk with a spiral shell that may bear long projections and have a flared lip.
    • 2. the roof of a semicircular apse, shaped like half a dome.

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  2. Conch | Definition of Conch by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › conch

    Conch definition is - any of various large spiral-shelled marine gastropod mollusks (as of the genus Strombus); also : its shell used especially for cameos.

  3. Queen Conch - FWS › international › animals

    Queen conch was once found in high numbers in the Florida Keys but, due to a collapse in conch fisheries in the 1970s, it is now illegal to commercially or recreationally harvest queen conch in that state. The United States is responsible for the consumption of 80% of the world’s internationally traded queen conch.

  4. Conch Republic Seafood

    Conch fritters, smoked fish dip, just caught Mahi Mahi filet sandwiches. Fresh food, great view and good service. Can’t ask for more than that. Tom Castiglione.

  5. The Conch Republic was born on April 23, 1982, in response to a United States Border Patrol Blockade of the Florida Keys. Since the United States insisted on treating the Keys like a foreign country, Mayor Dennis Wardlow seceded from Union.

  6. Conch | Definition of Conch at › browse › conch

    Conch definition, the spiral shell of a gastropod, often used as a horn. See more.

  7. The Conch Train is one of Florida's most popular attractions, and for good reason. Our expert 'engineers' and friendly staff have delighted over 15 million guests with legends such as Ernest Hemingway and lores of this charming tropical paradise. Your tour of Key West will give you a conch's eye view of all the wonderful Key West attractions ...

  8. Cracked Conch Macabuca

    Cracked Conch. Macabuca . Contact us. 857 North West Point Rd, West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Tel: +1 345 945 5217 . Designed by

  9. Conch Republic Divers is a PADI and NAUI dive center. We offer all course from Discover Scuba through Dive Master. Whether you are a new diver just getting into the sport or want to advance your skills and knowledge we have you covered.

  10. The Conch Shack

    Experience our "Best Ever" Conch Fritters and you will find out for yourself why the Conch Shack has built its reputation serving the best fritters on the island. One of the few establishments in Key West to serve Cracked Conch, ours is guaranteed tender and is paired with a Key Lime Aioli or a spicy Pink Sauce.

  11. Nourish your body & soul and cool your mind at da Conch Shack, the iconic Turks & Caicos beach restaurant & bar. Traditional & modern Island food served on the beach. Fresh seafood (of course!) but also ribs, chicken and steak all with an island flare. Vegetarian dishes too. Desserts you will always have room for.

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