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    Jan 20, 2008 · The concept of the psychopath is only the latest and most refined in a long string of attempts to account for a certain pattern of conduct. In the 19th century, psychiatric clinicians began to notice patients in their care who fit no known diagnosis, but who nevertheless displayed strange and disturbing behaviors.

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    > The Council of Nicea, for that matter, had virtually nothing to do with the forming of the canon. It was not even discussed at Nicea. The council that formed an undisputed decision on the canon took place at Carthage in 397, sixty years after C...

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    I even had miraculous experiences which I automatically attributed to God, and used as confirmation of all the things the church teaches (as we are endlessly taught to do). It is a myth created by church leaders that most people who disaffect do so as a result of increased levels or different varieties of sin.

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    The CRU graph.Note that it is calibrated in tenths of a degree Celsius and that even that tiny amount of warming started long before the late 20th century.

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    History of the Catholic Church and homosexuality (8,102 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article Witch Hunts, Indiana University Press, 1985, ISBN 978-0-25335182-1, p. 19 Rictor Norton, My Dear Boy: Gay love letters through the centuries, Leyland, 1998

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    The Roman Catholic Church came out of the split between East and West in 1054. Before that you had common Catholic Christianity. Part of the goal of this exercise was to help students see where they came from theologically. A non-denominational church might say, "We just follow the Bible," but of course they're wrong.

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    Going Underground For God: A Liberty-Based Approach To Worship By Ron Strom - “I caught COVID at church – praise God!”–Ron Strom That’s a peculiar sentiment, I suppose – but one that expresses my gratitude for the opportunity I have ...


    The World’s Oligarchs Want to Wipe Out Christianity - Ultimately the Oligarchs in power want us all worshipping the State, “stuff,” and “science” as god. 5 hours ago Althouse

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    The older idea, of Cultural social dominance, remained, in a sense, in such ideas as the Divine Right of Kings, and as well in the fact that there were (with the coming into being of the Roman Church), two kinds of Courts of Law - regular courts dominated by the blood aristocracies, and ecclesiastical courts dominated by the Church.

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    At first she was delighted to hear that I had found Jesus. She thought that meant I would return to the Catholic Church. When she realized that was not the case, she expressed her disappointment. My dad, who was a convert to Catholicism, wanted to discuss our differences, but those discussions usually turned into heated arguments.

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