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  1. Conflict definition, to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash: The account of one eyewitness conflicted with that of the other.

  2. Sep 11, 2022 · Conflict that exists between two people is called interpersonal conflict. The conflict is external to each person (hence the 'inter-' prefix) and exists only between the two people.

  3. conflict definition: 1. an active disagreement between people with opposing opinions or principles: 2. fighting between…. Learn more.

  4. ethnic conflict, a form of conflict in which the objectives of at least one party are defined in ethnic terms, and the conflict, its antecedents, and possible solutions are perceived along ethnic lines. The conflict is usually not about ethnic differences themselves but over political, economic, social, cultural, or territorial matters. Ethnic conflict is one of the major threats to ...

  5. Jul 03, 2019 · Evolution of Conflict Theory . Many social theorists have built on Marx's conflict theory to bolster it, grow it, and refine it over the years. Explaining why Marx's theory of revolution did not manifest in his lifetime, Italian scholar and activist Antonio Gramsci argued that the power of ideology was stronger than Marx had realized and that more work needed to be done to overcome cultural ...

  6. Conflict: Definition. Peace and conflict research assume that (a) conflicts are the expression of opposing interests (b) that they are characteristic for modern societies (c) that they are endemic in modern societies. A conflict exists when two people wish to carry out acts which are mutually inconsistent.

  7. Characterization (care-ack-tur-ih-ZEY-shun) uses context and detail to reveal something about a character. In literature, characterization is expressed directly and indirectly through physical descriptions, dialogue, characters’ inner thoughts, and actions. These details reveal characters’ behavior, psychology, personality, and motive.

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