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  1. Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Carinthia

    Conrad I (c. 975 – 12 or 15 December 1011), a member of the Salian dynasty, was Duke of Carinthia from 1004 until his death. Biography [ edit ] He was the third son of Duke Otto I of Carinthia (d. 1004), [1] who at the time of his birth ruled the Wormsgau in Rhenish Franconia .

  2. Conrad III of Germany - Wikipedia

    Conrad was marked out to act as regent for Germany, together with his elder brother, Duke Frederick II of Swabia. At the death of Henry V in 1125, Conrad unsuccessfully supported Frederick II for the kingship of Germany. Frederick was placed under a ban and Conrad was deprived of Franconia and the Kingdom of Burgundy, of which he was rector. With the support of the imperial cities, Swabia, and the Duchy of Austria, Conrad was elected anti-king at Nuremberg in December 1127.

  3. Talk:Conrad I, Duke of Swabia - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Swabia

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  4. Dukes of Swabia | History Wiki | Fandom
    • Dukes of Alamannia
    • Dukes of Swabia
    • Successor States

    Merovingian dukes

    1. Butilin (539–554), with… 2. Leuthari I (before 552–554), with… 3. Haming (539–554), with… 4. Lantachar (until 548, Avenchesdiocese) 5. Magnachar(565, Avenches diocese) 6. Vaefar(573, Avenches diocese) 7. Theodefrid 8. Leutfred(until 588) 9. Uncilin(588–607) 10. Gunzo(613) 11. Chrodobert(630) 12. Leuthari II(642) 13. Gotfrid(until 709) 14. Willehari (709–712, in Ortenau) 15. Lantfrid(709–730) 16. Theudebald(709–744)

    Miscellaneous houses

    1. Burchard I (909–911, Hunfriding) 2. Erchanger (915–917, Ahalolfinger) 3. Burchard II (917–926, Hunfriding) 4. Hermann I (926–949, Wetterau) 5. Liudolf (950–954, Ottonian) 6. Burchard III (954–973, Hunfriding) 7. Otto I (973–982, Ottonian)

    House of Wetterau

    1. Conrad I(982–997) 2. Hermann II(997–1003) 3. Hermann III(1003–12)

    House of Babenberg

    1. Ernest I(1012–15) 2. Ernest II(1015–30) 3. Hermann IV(1030–38)

    In the 13th century, the Duchy of Swabia disintegrated into numerous smaller states. Some of the more important immediate successor states were: During the following century, several of these states were acquired by the County of Württemberg or the Duchy of Austria, as marked above.

  5. Conrad I of Germany

    Conrad I ( German: Konrad; c. 890 – 23 December 918), called the Younger, was Duke of Franconia from 906 and King of Germany from 911 to 918, the only king of the Conradine (or Franconian) dynasty. Though Conrad never used the title rex Teutonicorum ("king of the Germans ") nor rex Romanorum ("King of the Romans"), he was the first king of East Francia who was elected by the rulers of the German stem duchies as successor of the last Carolingian ruler Louis the Child.

  6. Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman...

    Frederick V, Duke of Swabia (Pavia, 16 July 1164 – 28 November 1170). Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor (Nijmegen, November 1165 – Messina, 28 September 1197). Conrad (Modigliana, February 1167 – Acre, 20 January 1191), later renamed Frederick VI, Duke of Swabia after the death of his older brother.

  7. Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia

    Otto's son-in-law, Conrad, the former Duke of Lorraine, was killed in the Battle of Lechfeld and the king's brother Henry I, Duke of Bavaria, was mortally wounded, dying a few months later on 1 November of that year.

  8. liudolf duke of swabia : definition of liudolf duke of swabia ... duke of swabia/en-en

    Though he had the support of his Swabians, his ally (and brother-in-law), Conrad the Red, was opposed by his own subjects in Lorraine. The Bavarians of Henry I, Duke of Bavaria, Liudolf's uncle, supported Liudolf, but Henry and Otto together put down the rebellion. In 954, he was deprived of his duchy and, though reconciled with his father, he did not regain it.

  9. Matilde of Swabia - Family Tree & Family History at

    On the Emperor Henry II's death in 1024, he joined Ernest II, Duke of Swabia, in revolt against the new king, Conrad II. Soon they made peace and recognised the new king. Frederick died soon after. He married Matilde of Swabia (c. 995–1031), daughter of Herman II, Duke of Swabia, and sister-in-law of Conrad. They had three children:

  10. Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman...

    Biography Family. Matthias was born in the Austrian capital of Vienna as the fourth son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Spain.His brothers were Rudolph II (The Later Emperor) Ernest of Austria, Maximilian (from 1585 Grand Master of the Teutonic Order), Albrecht (archbishop of Toledo, later governor of the Netherlands) and Wenceslaus (Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in Castile).

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