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  1. Conrad I, duke of Swabia - geni family tree

    Conrad I, Duke of Swabia Conrad I (died August 20, 997) was Duke of Swabia from 983 until 997. His appointment as duke marked the return of Conradine rule over Swabia for the first time since 948.

  2. Salian dynasty - Wikipedia

    Conrad, the elder son of Duke Conrad I of Carinthia and Matilda of Swabia, was born between 1002 and 1005. He was underage when his father died in 1011. He inherited his father's patrimonial lands, but Emperor Henry II made Adalbero of Eppelstein the new duke of Carinthia.

  3. Conrad (name) - Wikipedia

    Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (975–1011) Conrad II, Duke of Carinthia (1003–1039) Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg (1040–1086) Conrad II, Count of Luxembourg (died 1136) Conrad II of Italy (1074–1101) Conrad of Montferrat (1140s–1192) Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg (1186–1261) Conrad I, Duke of Swabia (died 997) Conrad II, Duke of ...

    • "bold counsel"
  4. Conrad (c.923 - 993) - Genealogy

    Jan 15, 2020 · Conrad the Peaceful (c. 925 – 19 October 993) was the king of Burgundy from 937 until his death. He was the son of King Rudolph II, the first king of a united Burgundy and Bertha of Swabia. Conrad is sometimes numbered Conrad I as king of Burgundy and as Conrad III of Provence, since he inherited Provence in 948.

    • Bertha of Swabia, Rudolph II of Burgundy
  5. Elder House of Welf - Wikipedia

    A late medieval legend first documented in 1475 referred to a (non-historical) Duke Balthazar of Swabia, whose marriage had remained childless and who represented as his own heir and successor Bundus, the newborn son of one of his hunters.

    • None; extinct
    • Ruthard, Count of Argengau
  6. Hohenstaufen - Wikipedia

    The origin remains unclear, however, Staufer counts are mentioned in a document of emperor Otto III in 987 as descendants of counts of the region of Riesgau near Nördlingen in the Duchy of Swabia, who were related to the Bavarian Sieghardinger family.

  7. Duchy of Swabia

    The name is ultimately derived from the medieval Duchy of Swabia, one of the German stem duchies, representing the territory of Alemannia, whose inhabitants interchangeably were called Alemanni or Suebi. Bavaria, Franconia, Lotharingia (Lorraine), Saxony and Swabia (Alemannia). As the Holy Roman Empire started to form under King Conrad I of East Francia (reigning 911 to 918), the territory of ...

  8. Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre - geni family tree

    Feb 09, 2003 · Conrad I "l'Ancien" was the count of several counties, most notably the Aargau and Auxerre, around Lake Constance, as well as Paris from 859 to 864. He was also the lay abbot of Saint-Germain in Auxerre. He was one of the early Welfs, a member of the Bavarian branch, and his sister Judith was the second wife of Louis the Pious.

  9. Babenberg - Wikipedia

    Babenberg was a noble dynasty of Austrian margraves and dukes.Originally from Bamberg in the Duchy of Franconia (present-day Bavaria), the Babenbergs ruled the Imperial Margraviate of Austria from its creation in 976 AD until its elevation to a duchy in 1156, and from then until the extinction of the line in 1246, whereafter they were succeeded by the House of Habsburg.

  10. Burchard II, duke of Swabia - geni family tree

    Burchard II, Duke of Swabia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burchard II (883/884 – 29 April 926) was the Duke of Swabia (from 917) and Rhaetia. He was the son of Burchard I and Liutgard of Saxony. Burchard took part in the early wars over Swabia.

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