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    Conrad I, Duke of Swabia (died 997) Conrad II, Duke of Swabia (1173–1196) Saints. Saint Conrad of Constance (900–975) Saint Conrad of Parzham (1818–1894) Saint Conrad of Piacenza (1290–1351) Blessed Conrad of Offida (1241–1306) Blessed Conrad of Mondsee (died 1145) Blessed Conrad of Ottobeuren (died 1227) Fiction. Conrad S. "Duke ...

  2. Conrad III of Germany - Wikipedia

    The origin of the House of Hohenstaufen in the Duchy of Swabia has not been conclusively established. As the name came from the Hohenstaufen Castle (built in 1105) Conrad's great-grandfather Frederick of Staufen was count in the Riesgau and in 1053 became Swabian Count palatine .

  3. Burchard II, duke of Swabia - geni family tree

    Burchard II, Duke of Swabia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burchard II (883/884 – 29 April 926) was the Duke of Swabia (from 917) and Rhaetia. He was the son of Burchard I and Liutgard of Saxony. Burchard took part in the early wars over Swabia.

  4. Welf (776 - c.825) - Genealogy

    Apr 19, 2020 · The oldest known member of the Swabian group was Welf I, a count in Swabia who was first mentioned in 842. According to legend, Welf I was a son of Conrad, son of Welf, the ancestor of the Burgundian group. This relationship is considered probable because both Conrad and Welf I were counts of Linzgau and Alpgau.

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