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  1. 1147 - Wikipedia

    May–July – A German expeditionary force (some 20,000 men) under King Conrad III leaves Regensburg and passes into Hungary. The German nobility is headed by Conrad's nephew and heir, Frederick I, duke of Swabia.

  2. 1196 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    August 15 — Conrad II, Duke of Swabia (b. 1173) King Alfonso II of Aragon (b. 1152) Ivan Asen I of Bulgaria; William Fitz Osbern;

  3. 1152 - Wikipedia

    He is succeeded by his 29-year-old nephew Frederick I (Barbarossa), duke of Swabia, who is crowned as King of the Germans at Aachen several days later, on March 9. Frederick becomes sole ruler of Germany and receives the royal insignia, despite that Conrad has a 6-year-old son, Frederick IV, who becomes duke of Swabia.

  4. 910s - Wikipedia

    Duke Arnulf I (the Bad) with Hungarian military aid, reconquers his land from King Conrad I of the East Frankish Kingdom. After this event, Bavaria and Swabia agree to pay tribute to the Hungarians. Battle of Confey: The Norse Vikings under Sigtrygg Caech defeat and kill King Augaire mac Ailella of Leinster in battle.

  5. Frederick II, Duke of Swabia: אם: Judith of Bavaria, Duchess of Swabia: צאצאים: פיליפ משוואביה היינריך השישי פררדריק החמישי Frederick VI, Duke of Swabia Conrad II, Duke of Swabia Otto I, Count of Burgundy Beatrice Schwäbische

  6. 1070s - Wikipedia

    Emperor Henry IV appoints Frederick I as duke of Swabia at Hohenstaufen Castle. Henry's 7-year-old daughter Agnes of Waiblingen is betrothed to Frederick who founds the Hohenstaufen Dynasty . Upon the death of Håkan the Red , Halsten Stenkilsson returns as king of Sweden , jointly with his brother Inge the Elder (approximate date).

  7. 925 - Wikipedia

    Bruno I, archbishop and duke of Lotharingia (d. 965) Conrad I, king of Burgundy (approximate date) Conrad (the Red), duke of Lotharingia (approximate date) Fujiwara no Kanemichi, Japanese statesman (d. 977) Gerberga, Frankish noblewoman (approximate date) Gwangjong (Wang So), king of Goryeo (d. 975) John I Tzimiskes, Byzantine emperor ...

  8. Fredrik I av Det tysk-romerske riket – Wikipedia

    Philipp von Schwaben, Henrik VI av Det tysk-romerske rike, Frederick V, Duke of Swabia, Fredrik VI av Schwaben, Conrad II, Duke of Swabia, Otto I, Count of Burgundy, Beatrice Schwäbische Fredrik I , med tilnamnet Barbarossa , vart truleg fødd i 1122 i Waiblingen .

  9. Frederico I (Sacre Imperio Roman) - Wikipedia, le ...

    Frederico I, nominate Barbarossa ("barba rubie" in italiano) (circa 1122 – 10 de junio 1190) esseva de 1147 a 1152 como Frederico III Duce de Suabia, de 1152 a 1190 rege del romanos e de 1155 a 1190 imperator del Sacre Imperio Roman

  10. September 6 – Liudolf, Duke of Swabia; 958. Probable date of the start of the Marche dynasty. King Kshemgupta of Kashmir dies. He is succeeded by his young son Abhimanyu. Didda, his mother, becomes de facto ruler. The Later Zhou Dynasty goes against Liao Dynasty positions in the Sixteen Prefectures. They are defeated.

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