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  1. 1147 - Wikipedia

    The German nobility is headed by Conrad's nephew and heir, Frederick I, duke of Swabia. On July 20, Conrad crosses into the Byzantine Empire, and reaches Sofia – where Michael Palaiologos (a nephew of Emperor Manuel I) gives Conrad an official welcome and provides the Crusaders with food.

  2. 912 - Wikipedia

    Duke Erchanger II of Swabia and Conrad's brother, Duke Eberhard III of Franconia, support the Conradines. Orso II Participazio becomes the doge of Venice . He sends his son Pietro to Constantinople in order to re-establish the relationship with Alexander III.

  3. 954 - Wikipedia

    Otto I, duke of Swabia and Bavaria (d. 982) Wang Yucheng, Chinese official and poet (d. 1001) Deaths. January 25 – Ashot II, prince of Tao-Klarjeti ; February 22 – Guo Wei, emperor of the Later Zhou (b. 904) May 21 – Feng Dao, Chinese prince and chancellor (b. 882) September 10 – Louis IV, king of the West Frankish Kingdom

  4. Frederick I, Maharaja Suci Rom - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu ...,_Maharaja_Suci_Rom

    Conrad (Modigliana, Februari 1167 – Acre, 20 Januari 1191), kemudian dinamakan Frederick VI, Duke dari Swabia setelah kemangkatan kakanda baginda. [3] Gisela (Oktober/November 1168 – 1184).

    • 2 Januari 1155 – 10 Jun 1190
    • Henry VI
  5. Conradines - house of conradin .. Info | About | What's T

    ★ Conradines. The Conradines or Conradiner were a dynasty of Franconian counts and dukes in the 8th to 11th Century, named after Duke Conrad the Elder and his son King Conrad I of Germany.

  6. 1190s - Wikipedia

    By place Asia. July 12 – Saladin's garrison surrenders, ending the two-year siege of Acre. Conrad of Montferrat, who has negotiated the surrender, raises the banners of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and of the Third Crusade leaders (Richard I of England, Philip II of France, and Leopold V of Austria), on the city's walls and towers.

  7. September 6 – Liudolf, Duke of Swabia; 958. Probable date of the start of the Marche dynasty. King Kshemgupta of Kashmir dies. He is succeeded by his young son Abhimanyu. Didda, his mother, becomes de facto ruler. The Later Zhou Dynasty goes against Liao Dynasty positions in the Sixteen Prefectures. They are defeated.

  8. Frederico I (Sacre Imperio Roman) - Wikipedia, le ...

    Frederico I, nominate Barbarossa ("barba rubie" in italiano) (circa 1122 – 10 de junio 1190) esseva de 1147 a 1152 como Frederico III Duce de Suabia, de 1152 a 1190 rege del romanos e de 1155 a 1190 imperator del Sacre Imperio Roman

  9. Fredrik I av Det tysk-romerske riket – Wikipedia

    Philipp von Schwaben, Henrik VI av Det tysk-romerske rike, Frederick V, Duke of Swabia, Fredrik VI av Schwaben, Conrad II, Duke of Swabia, Otto I, Count of Burgundy, Beatrice Schwäbische Fredrik I , med tilnamnet Barbarossa , vart truleg fødd i 1122 i Waiblingen .

  10. Ffredrig I, Ymerawdwr Glân Rhufeinig - Wicipedia,_Ymerawdwr_Glân...

    Etifeddodd dywysogaeth Swabia fel Ffrederic III, ac ar 9 Mawrth 1152 coronwyd ef yn frenin yr Almaen yn Frankfurt. Ar 18 Mehefin 1155 yn Rhufain, coronodd Pab Adrianus IV ef yn Ymerawdwr Glân Rhufeinig yn Rhufain. Yn 1156 priododd Beatrix I o Fwrgwyn, a thrwy'r briodas yma daeth Bwrgwyn yn eiddo iddo yn 1178.

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