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  1. Flags of the Holy Roman Empire

    The War Flag of the Holy Roman Empire. The Reichsfahne (Imperial flag) was a field ensign of the Holy Roman Empire, originally an equestrian flag or gonfalon. An early bearer was Werner I, count of Winterthur, who carried the flag for Conrad II and Henry III and who died in the battle at Br?dek in 1040.

  2. The Salian Dynasty, 1024-1125 – Medieval Germany – German Culture

    The four Salian kings–Conrad II, Henry III, Henry IV, and Henry V–who ruled Germany as kings from 1024 to 1125, established their monarchy as a major European power. Their main accomplishment was the development of a permanent administrative system based on a class of public officials answerable to the crown.

  3. A History of Germany - Google Books

    A History of Germany: From the Earliest Times, Founded on Dr. David Müller's "History of the German People" Charlton Thomas Lewis Harper & Brothers, Publishers , 1881 - Germany - 807 pages

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  4. Who is the present king of Germany - Answers

    King Conrad IV of Germany died on May 21, 1254 at the age of 26. ... What does a red flag mean on the beach? ... Who is the present king of Germany? Unanswered Questions.

  5. Prussia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The states of south Germany (especially Austria and Bavaria) were Catholic, so they did not want Prussians to rule them. Prussia was mostly German, but in the late 18th century, the new Polish areas had a lot of Polish people too. In 1918, these Polish areas were given to Poland, and in 1945, Pomerania and East Prussia were given to Poland.

  6. Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor

    Lothair III of Supplinburg (1075 ndash; 1137), was Duke of Saxony (1106), King of Germany (1125), and Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 to 1137. He was the son of Count Gebhard of Supplinburg.A note on the ordinalThe numbering of German rulers…

  7. September 1246 in Vohburg to Conrad IV of Germany; 1259 in Munich to Count Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol , Duke of Carinthia . Sophie (1236, Landshut – 9 August 1289, Castle Hirschberg ), married 1258 to Count Gerhard IV of Sulzbach and Hirschberg.

  8. Italian History - On This Day

    1228-04-25 Conrad IV, King of Germany, Jerusalem and Sicily, born in Andria, Sicily (d. 1254) Marco Polo 1254-09-15 Marco Polo , Italian explorer (Il Milione), born in Venice, Venetian Republic (d. 1324)

  9. Anglia (The Kalmar Union) | Alternative History | Fandom

    Anglia personified, typical cartoon showing Anglia as a warrior goddess, from Kasperle Magazine, June 1927. Dragged, unwillingly, into the Kalmar-Wessex War (1687-1701) and the Luxembourg-Anglian War (1723-1738) it was left with an slightly enlarged territory (chiefly in Essex and the Trentmark and a brief return as ruler of Fryslân) but also a ruined economy as most of the fighting tended to ...

  10. Germany: Annals and Chronicles - EuroDocs

    The Imperial Chronicle, from the reign of Julius Caesar to Conrad III, including the transition from a pagan to a Christian world See also, the facsimile edition . (1146; German eBook)