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    The Cathedral (12th century), containing the remains of king Conrad, ruler of Germany and Sicily in the 13th century. The building had to be almost entirely rebuilt in 1919–20, following the devastating 1908 earthquake , and again in 1943, after a fire triggered by Allied bombings.

    • Cateno De Luca
    • Messina (ME)
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  4. Historical brewing signs - Tapping signs - Schlenkerla

    Tapping signs. Many brewer emblems and symbols contain in addition to the classic tools like malt scoop, mash fork and beer tumbler also the hexagram (six pointed star), the so called beer or brewing star, which in literature is often referred to as oldest guild emblem of brewers [66].

  5. List of World Heritage Sites in Germany - Wikipedia

    (iv), (vi) 1978: An iconic feat of architecture that sparked copies around Germany for centuries to come, Aachen's cathedral became the first-built vaulted structure since antiquity. The town itself was closely tied to Charlemagne during the cathedral's inception, which explains why it became his burial place when he died in 814.

  6. Eocene lizard from Germany reveals amphisbaenian origins | Nature

    May 18, 2011 · a, Nearly complete specimen.b, Micro-CT scan of skull and outline of bones in dorsal view.c, Micro-CT scan of skull and outline of bones in ventral view.d, Reconstruction of skull in dorsal and ...

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    His death in 1250 and the death of his only surviving son King Conrad IV four years later ended the line of Hohenstaufen rulers, only eight years after the extinction of the Babenberg dynasty. The extinction led to the Great Interregnum , a period of several decades during which the status of the country's rulers was disputed.

  8. Palermo - Wikipedia

    Following the Norman reconquest, Palermo became the capital of a new kingdom (from 1130 to 1816), the Kingdom of Sicily and the capital of the Holy Roman Empire under Emperor Frederick II and King Conrad IV. The population of Palermo urban area is estimated by Eurostat to be 855,285, while its metropolitan area is the fifth most populated in ...

  9. Dubliners Literature Guide - TeacherVision

    Nov 02, 2000 · INTRODUCTION. Dubliners, by James Joyce, is a good reading choice for advanced level 12th-grade students.As his first published work of fiction, Dubliners stands by itself both as an important piece of writing and as a forerunner of the experimental style that Joyce would use so effectively in his later works.

  10. Life & Peace Review, Vol.8, No.4, 04/94

    1,500 BC Pharaoh Seankhane Menthuhoteps IV of Thebes sent a maritime expedition to the coast of Somalia which was known to the ancient Egyptians as "The Land of Punt."/1. 7-900 AD Arabs and Persians established contacts with the coastal communities in Zeila, Mogadishu, Marka and Brava.

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