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  1. Constantine II (kaisar) - Constantine II (emperor) - Wikipedia › wiki › Constantine_II_(emperor)

    Constantine II (Latin: Flavius Claudius Constantinus; Februari 316 - 340) tadinya Kaisar Romawi dari 337 menjadi 340. Putra Konstantin Agung dan rekan kaisar bersama saudara-saudaranya, upayanya untuk menggunakan hak-haknya hal anak yg sulung menyebabkan kematiannya dalam invasi yang gagal Italia di 340.

  2. Konstantinus II (kaisar) - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ... › wiki › Konstantinus_II_(kaisar)

    Konstantinus II ( Latin: Flavius Claudius Constantinus Augustus; Januari/Februari 316 – 340) adalah Kaisar Romawi dari 337 hingga 340. Ia adalah putra Konstantinus I yang Agung dan merupakan kaisar bersama saudaranya. Usahanya untuk memperoleh hak perwalian kembali membawanya menuju kematian setelah gagal menyerang Italia pada 340.

  3. Tiberius II ConstantineWikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Tiberius_II_Constantine

    Tiberius II Constantine (Latin: Tiberius Constantinus; Byzantine Greek: Τιβέριος Κωνσταντῖνος; 520 – 14 August 582) was Eastern Roman Emperor from 574 to 582. Tiberius rose to power in 574 when Justin II, prior to a mental breakdown proclaimed Tiberius Caesar and adopted him as his own son. In 578, Justin II, before he died, gave him the title of Augustus, under which ...

  4. Constantine II of Greece — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Constantine_II_of_Greece

    Jul 09, 2019 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Con­stan­tine II ( Greek: Κων­στα­ντί­νος Βʹ, Kon­stantínos II, pro­nounced [ˌkon­stanˈdinos]; born 2 June 1940) reigned as the King of Greece, from 1964 until the abo­li­tion of the monar­chy in 1973. He ac­ceded as king fol­low­ing the death of his fa­ther King Paul in ...

  5. Category:Constantinus II - Wikimedia Commons › wiki › Category:Constantinus_II

    Jul 25, 2020 · Constantine II (February 317 - 340) was Roman Emperor (337 - 340). The eldest son of Constantine I the Great and Fausta, he was born at Arles.

  6. List of Byzantine emperors — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › List_of_Byzantine_emperors

    Constantius II (Κωνστάντιος [Βʹ], Flavius Iulius Constantius): 22 May 337 – 5 October 361 Born on 7 August 317, as the second surviving son of Constantine I, he inherited the eastern third of Roman Empire upon his father's death, sole Roman Emperor from 353, after the overthrow of the western usurper Magnentius.

  7. Constantine II (emperor) - Unionpedia, the concept map › Constantine_II_(emperor)

    Constantius II. Constantius II (Flavius Julius Constantius Augustus; Κωνστάντιος; 7 August 317 – 3 November 361) was Roman Emperor from 337 to 361. The second son of Constantine I and Fausta, he ascended to the throne with his brothers Constantine II and Constans upon their father's death.

  8. Konstantin II. – Wikipedie › wiki › Konstantin_II

    Konstantin II. proto osvobodil z vyhnanství biskupa Athanasia, jemuž povolil návrat do Alexandrie. Tento čin vyvolal napětí ve vztazích mezi Konstantinem II. a Constantiem II., který podporoval ariánství. Konstantin II. si nárokoval postavení staršího z augustů ( senior Augustus) a vystupoval jako poručník mladšího Constanta ...

  9. George II of Greece - Wikipedia › wiki › en:George_II_of_Greece

    George II ( Greek: Γεώργιος Βʹ, Geórgios II; 19 July [ O.S: 7 July] 1890 – 1 April 1947) was King of Greece from September 1922 to March 1924 and from November 1935 to his death in April 1947. The eldest son of King Constantine I and Sophia of Prussia, George followed his father into exile in 1917 following the National Schism ...

  10. Licinius - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Licinius

    Licinius. Full name. Flavius Galerius Valerius. Licinianus Licinius. Flavius Galerius Valerius Licinianus Licinius (c. 250 - 325) was Roman emperor from 308 AD to 324 AD. Licinius went with his close friend the Emperor Galerius on the Persian expedition in 297. After the death of Flavius Valerius Severus, Galerius declared Licinius emperor ...

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