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    Contact! is the sequel to Icthlarin's Little Helper and the third installment in the desert quest series. It deals with the quarantine of Sophanem imposed by neighbouring Menaphos.

  2. Walkthrough. Talk to the High Priest in Sophanem. ( 1•4) Go to the most north-eastern building in Sophanem and talk to Jex. ( 2) Climb-down the ladder in the building, then the trapdoor. Follow the red line on the map to the ladder. Protection from magic is recommended. It is also recommended to turn off auto-retaliate in the combat tab.

  3. Feb 14, 2017 · Learn how to complete the Contact! quest in Old School RuneScape, a master-level quest that involves exploring a maze and a catacomb. Find out the requirements, rewards, items, and instructions for this quest.

  4. This is Sikovit AKA ImSikovit ‘s updated 2024 quest guide, walkthrough, playthrough to Contact! on Old School Runescape OSRS RS thats friendly for Ironman / Iron man recorded and it...

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  5. Talk to Jex in front of the building in the north-east corner of the city. Climb down the ladder in the church east of Jex, and down again in the second trapdoor. You can speak to one of the Sophanem Guards here if you still need a torch, they will sell you one for 200 coins.

  6. Contact! is a members quest that takes place in the Kharidian Desert, in which a player attempts to help the city of Sophanem contact its neighbouring city of Menaphos.

  7. Sep 13, 2022 · Learn how to complete the OSRS quest "Contact!" and end the Sophanem quarantine. Find out the requirements, rewards, and tips for this desert-themed adventure.

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